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Wpf listbox selecteditem not updating best keywords for online dating

This allows me to use Data Templates to tell WPF how to draw each IPage View Model.

In this example, I’m using an Items Control to display my Page View Models.

The advantage of using Commands is once again obvious, since the Rich Text Box control already implements the Toggle Bold, Toggle Italic and Toggle Underline commands.

I also created a new Home View Model and Home View since its hard to demonstrate navigation unless you have at least 2 pages.

Just hook them up to the designated button and it works: We also get keyboard shortcuts for free - press Ctrl B to activate Toggle Bold, Ctrl I to activate Toggle Italic and Ctrl U to activate Toggle Underline.

Notice that I'm using a Toggle Button instead of a regular Button control.

The Home View Model is a blank class that inherits from IPage View Model, and the Home View is just a blank User Control.

In addition, I added an s to Products View Model since it really deals with multiple products, not a single one.


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