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Who is minka kelly dating 2016

They looked casual and relaxed.” An Entertainment Tonight source offered a similar account: “They looked happy and relaxed in each other’s company, and it seemed to be an intimate, romantic night.” 5. The same ET source said, “Wilmer was touching Minka’s back as they were waiting to be seated. They went back to Minka’s house According to an ET eyewitness, “the dinner lasted an hour and half before they headed back to Kelly’s house.” TMZ notes that Wilmer opened the car door for Minka. They have been dating for “about a month” Us Weekly reports that Minka and Wilmer rekindled their relationship “about a month ago.” According to an E!

News “insider,” the couple enjoyed “a Mexican getaway together recently with a few pals.” We will update this post as more information about Minka Kelly and Wilmer Valderrama’s dinner date becomes available.

“Oh my God, it’s a show, I can barely even talk about it,” they’ll say. It’s been 10 years since the series premiered, in 2006, and select members from the cast—Minka Kelly (Lyla Garrity), Taylor Kitsch (Tim Riggins), Aimee Teegarden (Julie Taylor), and Zach Gilford (Matt Saracen)—convened in Chicago over the weekend to mark the occasion. five years, four years.” (Yes, this was disappointing for us to learn, as well, as we always imagined the cast had some super-active group text going for years, and gathered for a monthly margaritas-and-grilling party at Kyle Chandler’s house. “I’ll never play Riggins again,” Kitsch said, flatly. I don’t see any reason to relive it; leave the memories where they’re at . Kitsch did not hesitate: “Obviously, [Riggins would] have an ice-cold beer in his hand.” When pressed further about his character, who was last seen having acquired a new piece of property, Kitsch said, “I see him still in that property, you know? God, they would be great.”Kelly said she hopes to find future roles that make clear she is not Lyla in real life: “I couldn’t be more different from Lyla.

Or they’ll just squeal a character’s name (“Riggins! They did not, sadly, all drive pickup trucks to some abandoned field, drinking beer cans and staring at the horizon, all the while appearing American Eagle–catalogue gorgeous. Some solace: Kitsch apparently refers to Chandler as “Chan.”)Kelly, on the other hand, whom I spoke to on the morning of the race, said it doesn’t feel to her that it’s been a decade since the show premiered (“The only real difference that I can feel is that Aimee Teegarden [who was 16 when the show started] is .

Before we get into those details — there are so many — let’s remember how Minka and Wilmer got together the first time. source, “Wilmer was a gentleman and picked up the tab to pay for their food.” 4.

The pair was first spotted together making out in a club in Hollywood in March 2012. It was definitely a date Us Weekly reports that the outing definitely “looked like a date.” 2. News notes that the couple visited Palms Thai in Hollywood. They looked “casual and relaxed” and also “happy and relaxed” The same source described the vibe of the date this way: “[Minka and Wilmer] did have a late dinner at Palms Thai together last night.

is one of those television shows that all kinds of people in your life—even the ones who don’t keep up with “cool” TV—seem to be obsessed with. It’s not hard to hear about what’s going on with any of them.” would seem a slam-dunk campaign. ” Kelly has a similar perspective: “I think some things are better left [with people] wanting more.”, it does not mean they have left their characters, spiritually, behind. I really look forward to opportunities of showing how different I am from her, how much stronger I am than her,” she said, citing Richard Linklater, Wes Anderson, and Reed Morano as directors she would love to work with.

Your parents, your grandparents, your cousin, your baby brother, your barista, your dentist, your dog—they all make the same gleeful expression when the show gets mentioned. There is a fanaticism about the show that is rare even by Beloved Cult TV standards. But the duo—who both talk about the show in the reverent, joyous way that you or your friends might talk about your favorite teacher in high school—both said, to awkwardly slide a football metaphor in here, that they believe the clock has run out. I asked both where they think their characters would be now, five years since we left them, after the series finale in 2011. I think he’d have, hopefully, a simple life.” And would he be with Tyra, his character’s sometimes love interest (played by Adrianne Palicki)? It’d be hilarious to have little Riggins-and-Tyra kids. Kelly said that her character probably ended up staying in Nashville after attending Vanderbilt University, which is how we left Lyla.

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And they recently enjoyed some time in Mexico together, along with a few friends.From John Mayer to Chris Evans, Minka Kelly has dated some of the most famous men in showbiz!The actress has been spotted with a new boyfriend almost every year, and fans are wondering who has won Kelly’s heart in 2018!Minka had just broken up with Derek Jeter, and Wilmer was in an off-again, on-again relationship with Demi Lovato (who was 19 at the time). On Wednesday, Minka and Wilmer finally reunited over dinner in Hollywood. They sat across from each other and it was just the two of them.In April 2012, Minka and Wilmer went on vacation to Australia together, which prompted Demi to tweet lyrics from Taylor Swift’s “Dear John.” Eventually, things fizzled and Wilmer got back together with Demi, whom he continued to date until this past June. I didn’t personally see if they were holding hands or if they were being affectionate, but it looked like a date. Kelly explained, “It’s not like we are texting each other all the time, but we certainly check in with each other every so often, and we’re like a little family. When I asked if she thinks Riggins and Lyla—who dated Tim on and off—are over for good, she suggested that “maybe [Riggins] is with Tyra now.” But after I told her that I always liked Riggins and Lyla as a pair, she reconsidered. I don’t know, maybe they do end up back together, maybe he gets his shit together, and they work things out. No, the group came together—in an effort facilitated by Marriott Rewards—to compete in a grueling Spartan Race, which required advance training involving spear-throwing, rope-climbing, monkey-bar-conquering, and other components. Kitsch told me on the phone, about a week before the race, that he was looking forward to re-uniting with his castmates. “It feels forever ago [since the show started], no doubt,” he said. “I mean, I still live in Austin, and Chan still lives in Austin, and I still see him when we can make it work, but it definitely feels like a long time ago.


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