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Who is james spader dating

Indeed, his work reflects him, and at first glance, the Spader who strides through the doors of New York's 8th Street Stumptown cafe might actually be 's criminal mastermind, Raymond "Red" Reddington.

Spader wears a Reddington-esque forest-green felt fedora that matches his forest-green scarf, which matches the lenses of his sunglasses. I've got a lot of hats." (In fact, between his summer straw and winter collections, divided between New York and his home in Los Angeles, he reckons he owns around 30.) He's also wearing a black wool overcoat, which a bit later I learn conceals a heavy cowhide motorcycle jacket, which itself covers a down vest, which he wears over a cashmere cardigan.

It wasn't an accident, says Spader, an admitted "early . For Gyllenhaal, the oddness began the moment she met Spader at a script reading. "But I left my room and walked two feet to his, knocked on his door, and he invited me in and offered me a chocolate.

That became a sort of S&M-type ritual between us." and its antihero Reddington that allows Spader to incorporate all of his best gifts – the kink, the unfathomable darkness, the suggested violence and the ability to deadpan his way through the campy bons mots in the script. "When screenwriter Jon Bokencamp conceived his pilot for , he pictured Gary Oldman or Kevin Spacey as Reddington, who is referred to in the show as "the concierge of crime" for his mystifying desire to give himself up to the FBI and then assist a junior agent – who may or may not be his daughter – in capturing his criminal associates. '"Maybe it has something to do with the fact we've killed three beers each in the past 90 minutes, but Spader seems genuinely worked up, like a fictional character's safety is literally a life-and-death issue.

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"The lights were turned down, the heat was turned up," he explains.

Why, after agreeing to do the interview, it took months for Spader to come up with a good day to sit down, and why, at 11 a.m.

on a Tuesday, we are descending the staircase into the subterranean darkness and chill of the Village Vanguard, the legendary jazz club he frequents.

"All elements, this is impervious to." We drop by his Greenwich Village carriage house, which he shares with his girlfriend of more than a decade, actress Leslie Stefanson.

The couple have a five-year-old son, Nathanael, who, in addition to two sons in their twenties from his previous marriage, will be Spader's final offspring.


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