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Don’t they have anything else to do other than be on the computer and talk about people’s outfits? CHRIS NEUMER: It was for LAURA RAMSEY: That was my hippy dress and I like my hippy dress. I hate buying expensive clothes, so I go to the flea market and get everything there for cheap and I wear them because I need to make a statement. CHRIS NEUMER: Some people have told me that they’d like to be in a car with a felon on the run because their name would get out there. Something where you can get bigger or smaller or change your look, or lose a lot of weight because you’re a drug addict or gain weight too. Now, I’m paraphrasing, but they said something to the effect of: when are starlets going to realizing that wearing bad outfits to get publicity is a bad idea. It’s like going to Ed Debevic’s or one of those other places that specializes in insulting you and they ask you if you need a comb. ” LAURA RAMSEY: Those people need to get a life that do that. This girl talked about walking down Robertson so the paparazzi would see her. LAURA RAMSEY: Of course, something like , with Charlize Theron.Throughout middle and high school she was involved in many sports, including basketball, volleyball, softball, and track.Laura's father died in the summer of 1986 and after this loss she became pregnant at age 16. I feel like there are a lot of girls–and it’s funny, I was just talking to this girl at a party the other night and she said, “I just can’t wait to be famous because then I won’t have to audition anymore! I don’t go places so that I can have my picture taken and printed. I’m getting to the point where I want to do something artistic in that I feel like I want to control the acting and be dramatic. CHRIS NEUMER: Is there a role that would have fit that billing that you’ve seen recently? LAURA RAMSEY: Honestly, I swear to God, I want to act. I want to act, I want to be on set, I want to do great movies. CHRIS NEUMER: Somebody had made a comment to me about being blacklisted and followed it up with the statement, “At least I made it high enough to get blacklisted.” I found it kind of depressing, but it rings a bell when we’re talking about actresses going out in order to be followed by the paparazzi. CHRIS NEUMER: If you’re at a level where people are making fun of what you wear, you’ve gotten to a certain point where people care. I did an independent film called which was a comedy.Together, the two discuss spring break, the casting couch and losing out on roles because you’re too good looking. I go out for these things that are like the beautiful hot girl, the popular hot girl and I would like to dye my hair or get piercings.CHRIS NEUMER: One thing you’ll notice, is there’s no mention of what you’re wearing on the red carpet, no mention of relationships or anything like that. Something cool and creative that I can build a character. LAURA RAMSEY: Yeah, something that they don’t normally see me as. It seems like in a certain way that could be an anchor around your neck in that you want to play the fat girl and they want you to be a cheerleader. When you work with girls and you work on a movie with them, you start realizing that you’re always up for the same things and that’s a little odd.

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[hands Ramsey some questions Mc Carthy has been asked] Why do you get turned on by guys with hammers? So, I wanted to ask you, first, if watching guys with hammers turns you on and then I wanted to find out how you’ve dealt with these types of questions thus far. If you’re going to be interviewing me, you should ask me about that, you should ask me about acting and what’s going on in my professional life.

CHRIS NEUMER: So you’re probably turning down the interviews with with a photo shoot, is that something you’d turn down?

, based on the Oni Press series by Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt, tells the story of six pistols of otherwordly power, and charts the chaos that occurs when an innocent girl comes into possession of the last, most powerful weapon.

Chris Neumer speaks to up-and-coming actress Laura Ramsey to get the inside scoop into her rise to fame and path in the future. LAURA RAMSEY: I guess not a lot of weight, but if I played a heroin addict, I’d do something. LAURA RAMSEY: To play someone with no makeup and a character who is natural.


  1. It's just about whether you find dating actors hard. But one of the things I want to ask you, and don't slap me or tell me to go to hell, but have you ever come across any instances like that on the casting couch? LAURA RAMSEY What's the casting couch? CHRIS NEUMER This is actually good. Back in the day, there used to.

  2. Laura Wright. 187K likes. Show your support for Laura by writing to her Laura Wright General Hospital c/o ABC-TV 4151 Prospect Avenue Hollywood. Wes Ramsey Had the Most Romantic Valentine's Day. General Hospital stars Laura Wright and Wes Ramsey shared romantic Valentine's Day photos and messages!

  3. Mar 16, 2016. Laura Ramsey. Name Laura Ramsey. Nickname Laura. Date of Birth November 14, 1982. Place of Birth Brandon, Wisconsin. Place of Residence Los Angeles, California. Zodiac Sign Scorpio. Education Ripon College. Social Networks Twitter –. Facebook –. Instagram –. Laura Ramsey at the.

  4. Sep 16, 2017. ELYRIA — Laura Ramsey testified Friday that she believes she heard Julene Simko admit she had killed her husband during an interaction the two had in the emergency room the day Jeremy Simko was found fatally. Julene Simko is on trial for the fatal shooting of her 36-year-old husband, on that date.

  5. Nov 6, 2015. 5'5" super middleweight Laura "Lady Ram" Ramsey was born Laura Alysia Ramsey on November 13, 1969 in Lake Wales, Florida to Annie a food service worker and. To check out fight reports, complete up-to-date boxing records, with huge digital photos you can go to the WBAN Records Member Site.

  6. Oct 28, 2017. Wes Ramsey is dating longtime "General Hospital" star Laura Wright. Photo courtesy Wes Ramsey/Twitter. Oct. 28 UPI -- Wes Ramsey -- who is known for his work on TV's Days of Our Lives, Guiding Light, Charmed and Venice -- is heading to General Hospital. "Port Charles. Let's do this," the 40-year-old.

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