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What is our system of dating centered on

The next generation of cancer treatments is looking to “turn cancer off” so it can no longer grow and spread.

We are also leading the way in the latest treatments like immunotherapy.

When the diagnosis is cancer, it can feel devastating.

You may be overwhelmed about what comes next and anxious about the future. At Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center, our dedicated cancer experts are passionate about one thing: Getting you the care that is right for you, in a timely manner, with compassion and skill. 1 in Tennessee for cancer care, recognizing our commitment to innovative therapies and research.

Clinical trials offer an important option to many patients.

We encourage you to ask if a trial is right for you.

We offer some evening hours at certain infusion centers, so you can get treatment when it works for you.

More than that, this ranking recognizes our commitment to our patients.

Our comprehensive cancer center can support all your needs, from providing a precise diagnosis to creating your personalized treatment plan to helping you manage your health after treatment.

We are leaders in the field and originated the knowledge resource My Cancer Genome.

This national database collects information on genetic tumor abnormalities and matching treatments.


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  2. Footer contact address. Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute. 1828 L Street, NW, Suite 900. Washington, DC 20036. Phone 202 827-7700 Fax 202 355-9558 [email protected]

  3. Doctors who focus exclusively on the type of cancer you have will manage your diagnosis and treatment. This high level of expertise means you are getting the most up-to-date, effective and appropriate care for your needs. Recognized center of excellence We are the only National Cancer Institute NCI-designated.

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