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It was first released in 2011, and by 2017 it was one of the largest standalone mobile apps by monthly active users, Wechat is known for its Mini Programs feature which incorporates many different functions and programs developed from Tencent and independent developers, and has been consistently updated.In January 2018, Wechat announced a record of 580,000 mini-programs in its feature.Moments is We Chat's brand name for its social feed of friends updates.Moments allows users to post images, post text, post comments, share music (associated with QQ Music or other web based music services), share articles and post "likes." Moments can be also linked to Facebook and Twitter accounts, and can automatically post Moments content directly to these two platforms.

There are three types of official accounts: a service account, a subscription account and an enterprise account.

Recently, Wechat Games have received huge popularity, with its "Jump Jump" game attracting 400 million players in less than 3 days and attaining 100 million daily active users in just two weeks after its launch, as of January 2018.

For comparison, Facebook Messenger and Whats App (two other competitive international messaging services better known in the West) had about a billion Monthly Active Users in 2016 but did not offer most of the other services available on We Chat.

Users can send previously saved or live pictures and videos, namecards of other users, coupons, lucky money packages, or current GPS locations with friends either individually or in a group chat.

We Chat's character stickers, such as Tuzki, resemble and compete with those of LINE, a Japanese messaging application.


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