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Updating virus protection software

Up until that day, the vulnerability is known as a zero-day vulnerability.Similarly, an exploitable bug that has been known for thirty days would be called a 30-day vulnerability.An exploit directed at a zero-day vulnerability is called a zero-day exploit, or zero-day attack.In the jargon of computer security, "Day Zero" is the day on which the interested party (presumably the vendor of the targeted system) learns of the vulnerability.Since zero-day attacks are generally unknown to the public, it is often difficult to defend against them.Zero-day attacks are often effective against "secure" networks and can remain undetected even after they are launched.Web browsers are a particular target for criminals because of their widespread distribution and usage.

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Zero-day protection is the ability to provide protection against zero-day exploits.Such engines use a vast library of data on known threats and compare it to the files on your computer and web pages to see if they look like, or behave like, threats.Detection engines are at the core of most antivirus companies’ business, and you’ll generally find that a company’s free product uses the same engine as its paid-for version, although the latter may be equipped with additional features, such as firewalls and system optimisation tools.Best Free Antivirus: We look at the four best free anti-malware solutions on the market right now, updated with the latest results in September 2017.Antivirus might not be as vitally important to your online safety as fear-mongering security firms might have you believe, but for those who want to surf the web worry-free, it’s always a good idea.Malware writers can exploit zero-day vulnerabilities through several different attack vectors.Sometimes, when users visit rogue websites, malicious code on the site can exploit vulnerabilities in Web browsers.Once the vendor learns of the vulnerability, the vendor will usually create patches or advise workarounds to mitigate it.The fewer the days since Day Zero, the higher the chance no fix or mitigation has been developed.Important: I've included no trial or shareware antivirus programs in this list.These are the best antivirus programs that are completely free and work similarly to, or better than, expensive programs from companies like Norton and Mc Afee.


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  4. Software updates perform a myriad of tasks. They are available for both our operating system and individual software programs. Performing these updates will deliver a multitude of revisions to your computer, such as adding new features, removing outdated features, updating drivers, delivering bug fixes, and most importantly, fixing security

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