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Updating php linux zambia dating agency

The update process can take some time to complete and some steps may take longer than others.I usually leave patching of stock Slackware packages to our BDFL, but I’ll make a few exceptions.The most convenient means is to use the Atomic repository.Cent OS guru recommend that you use it instead of Cent OS-Testing due to unstable test software. repository Connect the repository: # Cent OS-Testing: # !!!! # This repository is a proving grounds for packages on their way to Cent OSPlus and Cent OS Extras.So, be sure to deploy the packages for the shared libraries from My SQL on those systems.You can do this by adding the My SQL Yum repository to the systems (see Adding the My SQL Yum Repository) and install the latest shared libraries using the instructions given in Installing Additional My SQL Products and Components with Yum.The system must have network connectivity and access to an Ubuntu update server.The following steps will guide you through updating an Ubuntu Linux Server 14.04 LTS system.

(checked on Cent OS 5.6 32bit) Cent OS Linux 5 normally comes installed with PHP 5.1.6.

An new release of the package is available which fixes this issue.

For supported Yum-based platforms (see Chapter 1, Installing My SQL on Linux Using the My SQL Yum Repository, for a list), you can perform an in-place upgrade for My SQL (that is, replacing the old version and then running the new version off the old data files) with the My SQL Yum repository.

I want to upgrade this software however, upgrade requirements state that I should also upgrade to PHP 5.6.

While it's not clear as to why this software now needs PHP 5.6, I did notice an issue with how my droplet reports which version of PHP it's using.


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