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Updating my verizon network number

Move to a higher floor in your house or building if one's available; even standing up can help.The higher you are, the less likely an obstacle is between you and the cell phone tower.Glass windows permit better signal strength than walls permit; neither can interfere with your signal when you're outside.

The pricing and features of your voice service will not change.

If you often experience poor reception in a location you visit frequently, scout out the area for the best reception before you're on an important call. Call (909) 390-0003 on your cell phone to perform the test.

This number is a publicly available PSTN test number designed to test phone call quality.

We’re replacing our copper facilities with our more reliable, newer fiber-optic technology to deliver increased reliability, improved resistance to weather and faster repair times.

In addition, fiber optics offers excellent voice quality and higher bandwidth potential to meet today's digital demands and the possibilities of tomorrow.


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