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There is a similar federal statutory provision which applies to the Northwest Territories.Section 23 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees the right of citizens who were educated in the minority language in a particular province to have their children educated in the minority language in publicly funded schools.

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About one out of ten Canadians does not have a high school diploma – one in seven has a university degree – the adult population that is without a high school diploma is a combination of both immigrant and Canadian-born.This constitutional provision was repealed in Quebec by a constitutional amendment in 1997, and for Newfoundland and Labrador in 1998.The constitutional provision continues to apply to Ontario, Saskatchewan and Alberta.The Constitution of Canada provides constitutional protections for some types of publicly funded religious-based and language-based school systems.The Constitution Act, 1867 contains a guarantee for publicly funded religious-based separate schools, provided the separate schools were established by law prior to the province joining Confederation.The addition of new schools requires the district to change attendance boundaries to manage school enrollment.The neighborhood assignment plan is per the following: Key considerations for this boundary change included the need to relieve yet sustain enrollment at Skyline Elementary, accommodate current and future growth around Blue Sage Elementary, and avoid families needing to cross the intersection of Skyline Drive and West Center Road.Efforts to keep students happy and socially conscious often come at the expense of academic achievement.Social promotion policies, grade inflation, lack of corrective feedback for students, teaching methods that slow the development of basic skills compared to past decades, reform mathematics, and failure to objectively track student progress have collectively forced high schools and colleges to lower their academic standards.The project will include ample opportunity for natural daylight in each space, polished concrete floors and carpet use, as well as outdoor dining and learning spaces.There will also be a new bus drop and parent drop off area with longer queuing areas and more parking opportunities.


  1. Frank School is being rebuilt thanks to the Tempe Elementary School District voters who authorized the 2016 Bond. Without your assistance, this rebuild would not be possible. Project Information Frank School will be undergoing a complete school rebuild while on an active campus and will be performed in two phases.

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