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Types of guys dating

They thrive on the attention and will introduce themselves by their number rather than their name.Be careful of these cocky guys because once your support starts to dwindle, they will kick you to the curb. Don’t make the mistake of thinking, “oh we're different.” NO ONE IS DIFFERENT.

Throughout the course of your life, you will date and experience different types of “men.” Not all of these “men” are boyfriend material.

These guys will love you until the next incoming freshman pledge class enters the scene. As you try and eat your feelings after that breakup, you can see how far that meal plan really goes.

There is no doubt these boys will break your heart one week and try and pursue your best friend the next, in front of your face.

If you want to be more, than just a shoulder to cry on, then stay well away from a man who thinks that the whole world is against him.3.

Guy’s on the rebound A guy who still getting over his ex, is bad news.


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