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""But if you leave your kingdom, who's gonna watch over it?

She tried her best not to blush and forced out a "Hello.""Hi, Princess Twilight," Flash said.Pinkie Pie believes it is the single biggest party in all of Equestria, filled with snacks, decorations, and party games.Rainbow Dash proclaims that the Wonderbolts perform every year and imagines herself performing with them.Applejack claims the Gala will be the perfect place to sell her apple-based homemade food so she can use the money to fix the roof on her barn, Big Mc Intosh's plow, and Granny Smith's hip.Finally, Spike claims that he wants "no part of this girly gala gunk", and pretends to be disdainful about the ticket that Celestia gives him.Tree Hugger eventually appeases the Smooze while Discord restores him to his original size, and the Gala continues as normal.To Twilight's shock, Celestia declares it to be "the most fun Gala in years" thanks to Discord. ""Princess Celestia's gonna assign you a kingdom today! Princess Celestia needs to talk to you.""About what? She says she hopes to meet a prince there, believing they will fall in love and marry.Twilight thinks it will be an opportunity to meet with Princess Celestia and talk about her adventures in Ponyville.


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  3. Some friends were like, “Draw nerdy Chrysalis,” and then the next night, another one was like, “Hey how about Dusk Shine.” Now here we are. You can pretend it's a cheesy college dating sim where everyone's a nerd. opashoo · Follow. Unfollow · queen chrysalisnerdalistwilight sparkledusk shinerule 63anthrofurrymy.

  4. Jul 21, 2014. Updated to v1.06! minor update to v1.05 Android version released Pony Petting Simulator Applejack for Android Play around with Applejack in this gam. No guarantees on a release date, but if it takes long enough I might update this one with intermediate versions. In its earlier. Twilight Sparkle what.

  5. Twilight Sparkle Apple Harvest is a free girl game online at You can play Twilight Sparkle Apple Harvest in full-screen mode in your browser without any annoying AD.

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