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Rowling-esque adjectives regarding the area in question: “solid eight inches …

The reason for this is that it’s true, and saying it aloud no more makes John Travolta a Jew-hater than asserting that there are a lot of, say, African-American hip-hop artists makes one a racist.

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And yet, I can’t help feeling sorry for him in a way I never do for the Gibsons and Gallianos and Rick Sanchezes of the world.

Imagine how disappointed we’d be if they ever stopped accusing us of things we didn’t do.

We’d just be some other vaguely Mediterranean-looking ethnic group, with no more hold over the public imagination than the Italians, or—God forbid—the Greeks.

Those who give to the poor and needy, and those who do not.

Those who keep the laws of kashrut (keeping kosher) and those who do not.


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