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Strengths and limitations of radiocarbon dating sex dating in athens wisconsin

"In a billion years [from now], it seems, intelligent life might be as different from humans as humans are from insects . To change from a human being to a cloud may seem a big order, but it's the kind of change you'd expect over billions of years." Freeman Dyson, Statement made in 1986, quoted in Asimov's Book of Science and Nature Quotations, p. [American mathematician.]"Slowness has really nothing to do with the question.An event is not any more intrinsically intelligible or unintelligible because of the pace at which it moves.Apart from recorded history, which goes back no farther than about 2200-3000 B.

If it is tried a thousand times and does not even occur once, and then is tried thousands of more times and never occurs, then the chances of it occurring keeps reducing.

For a man who does not believe in a miracle, a slow miracle would be just as incredible as a swift one."*G. Chesterton (1925)."The theory of evolution gives no answer to the important problem of the origin of life and presents only fallacious solutions to the problem of the nature of evolutive transformations . We are condemned to believe in evolution, but we will always search for a suggestion concerning the methods of transformations . Perhaps we are now in a worse position than in 1859 because we have searched for one century and we have the impression that the various hypotheses [of how evolution could have occurred] are now exhausted.

Presently, nature appears to be more steady, more firm and more refractory [resistant] to changes than we thoughtbefore we had made a clear distinction between hereditary variability [within species] and acquired characteristics [DNA characteristics fixing each species]. Salet, Hasard et Certitude: Le Transformisme devant la Biologie Actuelle (1973), p. Several methods for dating ancient materials have been developed.

If it is tried a million times and still has not occurred, then the possibility of it occurring has reduced to less than one chance in a million!

The point here is that time never works in favor of an event that cannot happen!


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