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Shiism and Sufism are said to share a number of hallmarks: Belief in an inner meaning to the Quran, special status for some mortals (saints for Sufi, Imams for Shias), as well as veneration of Ali and Muhammad's family.The Five Pillars of Islam (Arabic: أركان الإسلام) is the term given to the five duties incumbent on every Muslim.Pakistan has the second-largest Sunni population in the world, while India has the second-largest Shia Muslim (Twelver) population.Today, there are differences in religious practice, traditions, and customs, often related to jurisprudence.We don't have accurate statistics because in much of the Middle East it is not convenient to have them, for ruling regimes in particular.But the estimates are that they are about 25 to 30 percent of the Muslim world, which puts them somewhere between 230 and 320 million people....Shia theology has two concepts that define religion as a whole.There are Roots of Religion (Usūl al-Dīn) and Branches of Religion (Furu al Din).

Another example is hadith narrated by Abu Hurairah, who is considered by Shias as the enemy of Ali.

The overwhelming majority of that population lives between Pakistan and Lebanon.

Iran always had been a Shia country, the largest one, with a population of about 70 million.

believe that the Mahdi will appear at the end of the world to bring about a perfect and just Islamic society.

In Shia Islam "the Mahdi symbol has developed into a powerful and central religious idea." Twelvers believe the Mahdi will be Muhammad al-Mahdi, the twelfth Imam returned from the Occultation, where he has been hidden by Allah since 874.


  1. Numbers. Sunnis are a majority in most Muslim communities in Southeast Asia, China, South Asia, Africa, most of the Arab World, and among Muslims in the United States.

  2. A Muslim teenager accused of lying to police about being racially abused by three drunk Trump supporters on a Manhattan train appeared in court with a.

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