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Instead, recent historical expansions from North-Eastern Europe account for the observed differentiation of present-day continental Southern Balkan groups.Patterns of IBD-sharing directly reconnect Albanian-speaking Arbereshe with a recent Balkan-source origin, while Greek-speaking communities of Southern Italy cluster with their Italian-speaking neighbours suggesting a long-term history of presence in Southern Italy.The well-used stuffed animal had long since lost its whiteness. “It was in bed with her when she died,” Alder said. Savage felt most relaxed at the family’s summer home on Partridge Lake in Littleton, N. “That was where she felt closest to God and where she carried on the family tradition of sharing the lake with family and friends of all ages,” her daughter said. Savage as generous, curious, and a devoted mother, grandmother, and friend. She was chaplain of the Pennsylvania Society of New England Women, and a past president of the St. When they snagged a treasure, they bought the item, did repairs, and enjoyed it.Among her favorite finds were blue and white English Staffordshire china and teddy bears.She attended Smith College in Northampton, Mass., before earning a bachelor’s degree from the University of Minnesota.

On the other hand, traces of the Greek colonization remain clearly visible in the historical and cultural heritage of Southern Italy (e.g. The youngest child of Helen Cilley and Eugene Charles Alder, she attended Adelphi Academy in Brooklyn until her family moved to Minneapolis, where she completed her secondary education at the Northrop Collegiate School. Y., she spent most of her life on Philadelphia’s Main Line.The Greek-speaking ethno-linguistic minorities instead represent Hellenic islands persisting in few municipalities of Salento (province of Lecce, Apulia, where they speak Griko) and Bovesia (province of Reggio Calabria, Calabria, where they speak Grecanic).Their uncertain origins have been related either to i) the ancient Magna Graecia foundation, ii) the subsequent Byzantine domination, or iii) the infiltration of Byzantine strata onto a pre-existing Magna Graecia matrix.This is documented, for instance, by the presence of two of the largest ethno-linguistic minorities of Italy.Albanian-speaking Arbereshe represent ethno-linguistic enclaves today surviving in few municipalities of the provinces of Palermo (Sicily) and Cosenza (Calabria, Southern Italy).Our ability to assess the genetic impact of different migration processes is challenged by the number of admixture layers involving ancestral populations; this is even harder the more genetically-related the two sources of admixture are.Consequently, exploring recent population interactions necessarily poses questions about ancient admixture strata composing the present-day genetic heritage.Importantly, age estimates for the major paternal lineages pointed to genetic links between Sicily and Southern Italy with the South-Eastern Mediterranean, tracing back to Neolithic and especially post-Neolithic time frames.Additionally to long-term processes of gene flow and admixture, the genetic structure of the populations currently inhabiting the area has been impacted by recent events of cultural isolation and local differentiation.


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