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He listened patiently to my problem and brought out a book of the Sheboygan Falls township rules.

The rules stated if the building was 2500 square feet or under I could stay in the building and be considered the night watchman.

Next I needed to lay the chimney blocks and flue to install the oil furnace,all the duct work and build the walls for the living area. Soon a second son, Dieter was born September 1979, named after my friend Ernst Dieter Albsmeier. In 1984 I purchased an old one room school house across the road. It was the coolest home and had lots of room and character.

I bought my kitchen cabinets and installed them along with the Sear’s appliances and was ready to go. Later in the early 90’s we remodeled it to better suit us.

I took a copy of the book to the next town board meeting and presented my case one more time.

We worked out the details and he ordered the materials I needed.

I married my first wife Charlotte in August 1974 and by March of 1978 my first son Tony was born. Many things have changed since then, Charlotte and I divorced.

I met Cindy and married her in December 2014 after spending over 16 years together.

My uncle Willard Hansen worked for an electrician and showed me how to do electrical wiring.

I felt I was qualified to build the majority of my new building myself.


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