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Restore an iphone without updating

This makes the application the best to carry out restoration, upgrade your i OS and still maintain the usability that you enjoyed before, especially if you are in geographic locations not supported by Apple.Step 1: Connect the i Pad you want to restore Download and install i Skysoft i Phone Data Recovery and then launch the application.Select the files that you want to restore and move them to your i Pad. Restoring i Pad devices using i Skysoft is a great way of maintaining the integrity of your files and data.However, one thing that you should note is that the i OS will be updated when you use this method.Step 3) Updating files manually from the library Go back to i Tunes and click on the “Option” key on your keyboard, while at the same clicking on the “restore” button on i Tunes.You will open a window, where you will locate the “Library” folder; the latest i Pad backup files are located here.However, i Tunes will back up all the files on your device, and you can't directly access these files.When you want to get back your data, you have to restore them all.

But the latest i OS version always has various disadvantages, you may don't want to upgrade to the newest version at the first opportunity.Yes, it is quite possible to restore i Pad without updating.You can use third party software, or simply go through hacks which will stop the i Pad from updating the i OS version.Also, we show you effective ways to back up your i Phone data.Hope you can easily complete the whole process without losing any important file.When you back up your i Phone data, you can follow the following steps to restore i Phone without updating to i OS 10/9. Reset i Phone Disconnect your i Phone to computer and unlock it. It will reapply the unlock code when you connect it to i Tunes.Click "Download and Update" when you see the message of "An update on the carrier settings on your i Phone is available. " After that, you will be prompted to restore your i Phone. Make sure you choose "Cancel" when you are asked if you want to upgraded to a newer update.Restoring i Pad without updates is something that you can do when you do not usually have an internet connection, or simply want to keep your current i OS version.Step 1) Connect your i Pad Using the USB cable that came with the device, connect it to your computer and then launch i Tunes.On the home screen, you will see the “Fix i OS to Normal” option; click on it.Using the USB cable that came with the device, connect the i Pad to your computer.


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