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The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs on Bravo Sundays at 8 p.m.

Kim Zolciak made an astonishing claim during Sunday's episode of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta that Kandi Burruss attempted to seduce her.

The 39-year-old reality star made the allegation over dinner with Sheree Whitfield.'On my kids' life, God strikes me dead, I wouldn't let her lick my box,' she crudely told Shereé.

As the women both covered their faces with their napkins, Shereé screeched: 'Oh my god.

woman."This would be the point when most rational folks would leave the party — there is clearly no fun to be had here — but it would seem there is no getting off this island.

All the Housewives regather inside to present Michelle with her gifts: the giant antique candlesticks, a "super expensive, super wonderful" bottle of Champagne from Anne, and a Gucci lion's head ring from Gilda.

Michelle still doesn't know what's up, and is none too pleased to be led blindfolded in six-inch heels into a building that "smells like a schoolhouse".

But when she sees that her dearest friends and all of the Real Housewives have gathered for a party, she is overcome.

every five minutes doesn't mean you have to smear it on me," Lou tells Julia before stalking off in the direction of Michelle and Gilda, who are trying to have a good time."My husband organises this beautiful surprise, then we have b……At Radio Live headquarters, Lou is chatting with Mike Puru about her impending talkback night shift.She is concerned she will find herself "talking rubbish" while the phone lines remain silent, which is pretty much what happens.She reminds Julia that since Port Douglas she is not well placed to pass judgement on the other Housewives' behaviour, which is a reasonable point."Why are you so anti against me? idiot," says Gilda, who has said this about Julia before, but not to her face. Out in the garden, Ang and a tearful Julia regroup, wine glasses in hand."Louise has been an absolute dog," says Ang in counsellor mode."She actually needs to come clean and say, yeah, I've got serious PMT and I have a career that's not going anywhere. On the street she has got such a bad reputation as a hard-a… Kandi totally freaked out and screamed, “If I had a [sex dungeon] I would tell everyone about it because I don’t care! Kandi then read her response to Porsha: “If you say anything crazy on camera I’m going to walk away and let you stand there like I don’t know you.” Porsha then wrote back, “Good. ” Kandi said Porsha had been the aggressor that night and called her the “B” in “LGBT.” She then called Porsha a “fraud,” and Porsha called her a “fraud” back.Lou, caught without a present, promises to take Michelle to lunch at the restaurant of her choice, once again wiggling out of an awkward situation. She is determined to "hold a mirror up" to Lou, so she can see herself and stop "acting".Ang wants Lou to be real, in other words."You're possibly one of the most deluded people I've ever met in my life," says Lou, who also reveals that she does not consider Ang to be a friend, which surprises no-one but Ang, who thought they were friends who didn't like each other.The series that began with Julia's damp-squib birthday party in the city ends with fireworks at Michelle's surprise birthday party on Puketutu Island — where the name-calling escalates to an adolescent crescendo of cringe.Gilda is labelled "disgusting", Lou "an absolute dog", Michelle a "gold digger", Julia "a f……


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