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Ratepoint sites recently tagged with dating Free chat line youngstown ohio

If you want to see your click-through rates, log into Webmaster Tools, and click on your site profile.

If you don’t have a site profile, that means you need to add your site to Webmaster Tools and wait a few days.

A lot of these well-ranking older sites have extremely high quality content. Because Google doesn’t just look at the content on a site…It calculates it as a percentage, reflecting the number of clicks you receive from the total number of people searching for that particular phrase you rank for.The higher the percentage, the more appealing your listing is compared to the competition.What I’ve noticed is that if you take a brand new website, build tons of relevant links, and add high quality content, you still won’t get as much search traffic as older sites will.There is not much you can do here other than just give it time.Google is able to look at the web page that is linking to you and analyze the text around the link as well as the text on the page.It helps Google determine if the link is relevant to your site and what you should potentially rank for.It’s because you are not distributing link juice and authority throughout your whole site.Since its Panda update, Google has been able to determine content quality of websites.The beautiful part about ranking for certain keywords is that they are low in competition.And some of these low competitive terms don’t get searched often.


  1. Apr 29, 2015. Looking at the click-through rate isn't enough, however, as people could create deceptive title tags and meta descriptions to increase their results. So Google. A lot of the websites that are ranking well on Google that don't seem to be optimized have a high click-through rate and a low bounce rate. And that.

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