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Although the effect of device was statistically significant (at p = 0.0006), the difference in comprehension scores was not practically significant: comprehension on mobile was about 3 percentage points higher than on a computer, with a 95% confidence interval of 1% to 5%.Unsurprisingly, comprehension scores were lower for difficult articles compared with easy ones (this main effect of difficulty was significant at p=0.0001).

Half the articles in our studies were easy and half were hard, and each participant saw both hard and easy passages on each device.In other words, the smaller screen resulted in a higher working-memory load.People could not sustain that higher load, so their comprehension suffered.To supplement the quantitative testing, we also ran a set of focus groups with the participants in our in-person study, asking them to discuss how they read web content and how they perceive reading on mobile devices vs. (If you’d like to replicate our research — or conduct new reading research, maybe with additional devices — you can download our final stimuli and associated comprehension quiz questions from the link at the bottom of this article.) To maximize the statistical power of our study, we performed a mixed ANOVA on the comprehension scores from all four phases of the study, controlling for the different articles and study procedures used.This analysis included 1,629 cases where a user read an article and completed the comprehension quiz for that article.For the in-person data, we also ran a repeated-measure ANOVA on the reading speed (defined as the time taken to read one word).We found that, on average, comprehension scores were slightly when users read the articles on mobile devices.In 2010, researchers at the University of Alberta found that reading comprehension was impaired when content was presented on a mobile-size screen versus a larger computer screen.A simple explanation for this result was that, with a small screen, users saw less of the text at any given time, so they had to rely more on their memory to access contextual information needed during reading.We found no practical differences in the comprehension scores of the participants, whether they were reading on a mobile device or a computer.Despite this finding, we still recommend prioritizing brevity and reducing unnecessary content when writing for mobile.


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  2. Readers can understand short, simple text content on mobile devices just as well as on computers, but they slow down when reading difficult text on mobile.

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