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Polyandry dating

Turner says, may seldom exceed that which a native of rank at Teshoo Loomboo pointed out to him in a family resident in the neighbourhood, in which five brothers were then living together very happily with one female under the same connubial compact. The Hindu religious epic text, the , mentions a woman, Draupadi, who marries five brothers. Polyandry was practiced in a part of India close to Tibet and also in South India.Nor is this sort of league confined to the lower ranks of people alone; it is found also frequently in the most opulent families."The practice of polyandry in Tibet is perhaps the best-known and best-documented incidence of cultural polyandry. There is a reference to the abolition of polyandry in Lagash, a Sumerian city, in about 2300 B. Some Paharis in Northern India still practice polyandry, and fraternal polyandry has become more common in Punjab, presumably to prevent the dividing of inherited lands.

In a country where there was little tillable land, the practice of polyandry would reduce the number of heirs, because a woman has more biological limits on the number of children she can have, than a man does.

Thus, the land would stay within the same family, undivided.

The marriage of brothers to the same woman would ensure that brothers stayed on the land together to work that land, providing for more adult male labor.

We're now better than ever, and with polyamory coming out of the closet, it's easier than ever to find your newest partner.

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