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i threw myself on my bed and the first thing that came to my mind was the feeling i had when i caught my teacher trying to look up my skirt. i climbed into my closet and got my balled up skirt out of the corner and put it back on.i grabbed my chair like it was my desk chair in school and sat on it in front of the mirror hanging off my closet door.When i got my grant money for college my Daddy took me to Springfield and got me this cute little laptop (hah it even has a camera built into it).We even got high speed internet now since the cable runs right down our yard.Even my Daddy took a liking to me more than before it was like he wanted to spend more time with me like without mama around.Aside from the idiot boys at school i noticed some of my male teachers were looking at me alot more to.We had this piece of shit computer from like the 80’s or something that some of the keys would stick.

For as long as i can remember, my Daddy was always my hero. i remember riding in his tractor a lot sitting on his lap sometimes he even let me stear!OMG i really thought i was peverted for some of the things i was thinking.After my chat with Giselle i learned that i wasn’t peverted at all. When i asked her what she did she said she said she had this blog that she was thinking of workubg from home doing cam shows. ” she gave me a link to her blog and told me how she does really sexual things on her laptop (she even has a computer just like mine with the camera). i’ve seen cams in chat rooms (even watched a few of them but most are gross).) teacher watching i spent nearly the entire class crossing my legs – real slow!It was all i could do that day to get home run up to my room lock the door and touch my wet panties! Thank you soooo much Giselle for doing this sight and our amazing chat the other night!Giselle asked me to post my ‘essay’…our chat realllly opened my eyes, and my mind!One day before mama had a chance to stop me i wore a super short skirt to school.it was really to small like it was from the last year but i thought it was really cute.God knows he was a stupid oger but i do remember what i felt like when he actually touched my (well, you know what, lol) Thank god my mama wasn’t in the house when i got off the school bus that day i ran upstairs and closed my bedroom door and locked it and pulled off my skirt.i balled up it up and threw it in the back corner of my closet thinking i ain’t wearing that again.


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