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The stone burials are west of Bhadracha lam, about 12 km away. We have identified 17 villages for excavation,” said East Godavari archaeology technical assistant Timma Raju, one of the three-member team that discovered the graves[8].Raju said that the department plans to preserve parts of the graves at another location before its submergence.Pour commencer à remplir la grille, déplacez le curseur sur la case que vous souhaitez compléter et entrez un chiffre à l’aide du clavier.Vous pouvez vous déplacer dans la grille à l’aide de la souris ou des touches directionnelles du clavier.There are two committees formed and reports submitted, but, no action taken, and all papers have been gathering dust in the office of the department of archaeology and museums. He also mentioned about the “Sources of History – Telugu speaking people” book release. Several villages in Velerupadu mandal, which was earlier part of Khammam district but was merged with East Godavari as part of the AP State Reorganisation Act, 2014, would also be submerged in the backwaters of Polavaram[7].

Complétez les cases de la grille de Sudoku avec des chiffres de 1 à 9 afin qu’il n’y ait aucune répétition et aucun doublon dans chaque colonne, ligne et carré. While artefacts and other material in the graves would be sent to state museum for display. [3] I shall post the details in a separate blog about our visit to different places of Narsapur.The ancient temples located at Kukunoor, Vaddigudem, Motigadda, Iravendi and other places that fall under the Polavaram submergence area would also be relocated. Dr Kumarasamy was protesting raising slogans, as his paper was not published in the volume. [4] These detailsarere taken from the coollege website: and [5] [6] https:// Times of India, , Published Dec 14, 2017, am IST; Updated Dec 14, 2017, am IST. 103, SSS 1 Tel: 011- 26704475; Mobile: 919818028615 E-mail: [email protected], [email protected]: Ph.The college in 1967 was named after its founder as “Sri Yerramilli Narayanamurthy College” popularly known as “Sri Y. The entire college is affiliated to Andhra University, Visakhapatnam and is spread over 14 Acres having an excellent accommodation with impressive infrastructure. Digitization of artifacts in the museums would help a lot for researchers and also from tracing, misplacing etc.Such as Administrative, Post Graduate, Physical and Biological Science blocks, permanent class rooms, spacious Auditorium, Library buildings for UG and PG, Gymnasium, Seminar Hall, Computer Labs for Both UG and PG etc. “Projection map” technique is to be used for important sites to attract the tourists, giving the example of Somanath.“The study of these graves will give us an insight into the social, economic and religious habits of our ancestors. : After lunch, as usual the sectional presidents went on reading their papers, already printed and circulated to all delegates. D., Ancient Indian History, Centre for Historical Studies, JNU, 2006.We need to study them in detail and preserve them as their history will be lost forever under Polavaram reservoir,” he said. This has been going on in all conferences involving huge money, as they are printed several times in the booklets and verbatim in the proceedings again. ‘The Making of the Goddess Koṟṟavai-Durgā in the Tamil Religious Tradition, circa AD 600- 1300’.Narsapur has been a nostalgic place for Madgusudhana Rao, as he studied there in Taylor School, when his father was working there as a Judge. Mallipudi Event Plaze, opposite to Rajagopala Swany temple, Steamer Road, Narsapur – 532 275. College and paid the delegate fees of Rs.600/- and returned to Hotel Room.Settling down there, we decided to go out and visit places as decided[3]. : This college was founded in the year 1949 as “The Narsapur College” by Sri Yerramilli Narayanamurthy, an eminent Advocate and educationalist to cater the needs and to improve the facility of collegiate education in the Godavari Districts on the banks of river Godavari [4]. College Audience during inaugural session Audience during inaugural session – middle : Dr G.The region surrounding the Godavari on AP-Telangana border is rich in early man stone graves.Several megalithic burials have been discovered in the region in the past few decades.


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