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A trek in the Simien Mountains on a surface-footed pony allows visitors to get to areas even 4 x 4 vehicles find difficult.

Much of Ethiopia is rugged mountainous country, and the opportunities to conquer demanding peaks and crag are endless.

And, indeed, the ceremonies and rituals of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, open a window on the authentic world of the Old Testament.

In no other country is it possible to find yourself so dramatically transported back in time or to participate with such freedom in the sacred rituals of an archaic faith.

Lake Abijatta is a feeding ground for numerous great white pelicans and greater and lesser flamingo as well as flocks of little grebes.

Bale has a less inhabited, richer mosaic of high-altitude plateau, heather moorlands, and dense juniper forest with an easily seen population of Mountain Nyala and Simien Fox as well as some fabulous birds, many of them endemic.Many of the National Parks provide areas less affected by human activities where a broader range of bird species can usually be seen.According to their habitat, the most recommended sites for bird-watching are — the highland plateau, the lakes region, and the lowlands. Of the total endemic birds, over 60 percent of the species are found in the Bale Mountains National Park. Over 50 percent of all bird species have been recorded in the Rift Valley because of the proximity of numerous aquatic and terrestrial habitats.This site covers areas in Borena Administrative Zone.The main reasons behind the distribution of birds in various localities are the feed, altitude, climate, and cover factors.In many areas, particularly those with limestone, crag, underground caves and caverns may be discovered.Near Dire Dawa there is evidence of prehistoric habitation.Visit and invest in the land of discovery and tourist paradise. Ethiopia is truly a land of contrasts and extremes; a land of remote and wild places. As Abyssinia, its culture and traditions date back over 3, years.Many people visit Ethiopia — or hope to do so one day — because of the remarkable manner in which ancient historical traditions have been preserved.Accordingly, birds of prey and other scavengers are in plenty.To list some of the birds: Lammergeyer or the bone breaker is quite common in the Simien Mountains.


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  2. Publication Date, 22 March 2016. Citation / Document Symbol, ETH105476. E. Related Documents, Éthiopie information sur le Congrès fédéraliste oromo Oromo Federalist Congress - OFC, y compris ses buts et ses objectifs, ses dirigeants et sa structure; la façon d'en devenir membre; le traitement que les autorités.

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  6. As the date for the regional and local elections approached in the early summer of 1992, ethnic tensions intensified. Following the. The eastern region of Ethiopia is a stronghold of Oromo and Ogadeni opposition parties which boycotted the polls and the site of a low intensity guerrilla war by ethnic militants. May 5, 1995.

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