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Of course, the person who donates the image can make a counter claim.But such would lead to one’s identity becoming compromised. In terms of ambiguity, the dankprofessor raises the question as to the appropriate way to frame the Oberlin scenario. Committed exhibitionists get sexual gratification from exposing themselves to non-consenting anonymous others.

Thie blog reflects a commitment to the values of liberty, freedom of association, freedom of speech and privacy; such are values that are under increasing attack, both intellectually and policy wise in all too many universities which have embraced a culture of comfort in the framework of a velvet totalitarianism.

Hopefully, this blog will bring together persons who value liberty and freedom even in university life. Dank, an emeritus professor of sociology at California State University, Long Beach, where he taught students and engaged in various forms of professorial dissidence for some 35 years..

In his earlier years, he wrote and pontificated on issues related to homosexuality and specifically on coming out and the development of a gay identity.

The dankprofessor is available for campus/class presentations on sexual politics in higher education.

Oberlin College, an independent coeducational institution, holds a distinguished place among American colleges and universities.


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