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Moorcroft pottery dating

This was not a foregone conclusion, since Walter had the opportunity to read Modern Languages at Cambridge; but his father's health was not good, and family loyalty won the day.

It was a difficult period for the pottery - modernist minimalism was in fashion, Moorcroft's rich, conventional patterns were not.

From 1965 all the pottery, which had previously been thrown on the wheel, was now cast.

The introduction of North Sea gas to fire the kiln meant that flambe production was no longer viable, and it ceased in 1970.

THE QUEEN [mark used circa 1928-1949] / MADE IN / ENGLAND.Walter did not receive a salary, but his father paid his golf club bills, his tailor, his first-class travel and his skiing holidays while, at home, the cook served dinner.At the outbreak of war the young Moorcroft joined the Local Defence Volunteers and continued working at the factory; a number of potteries were closed, but Moorcroft was allowed to continue production, partly because it had been designated by the War Office to make items such as hospital inhalers and toothbrush holders ("officers, for the use of").Exhibitions of the pottery were held in London in 19.In 1984, due to the widespread recession in the pottery industry, Walter Moorcroft was relieved to sell his interest in the company to the Roper brothers, a local pottery family whom he knew well.Early pieces of Moorcroft such as those made for Shreve and Co and Tiffany, have sold for huge prices in the major salesrooms of the world.In 1904, Moorcroft won its first gold medal at the St. In 1928, the art pottery was appointed "Potters to Her Majesty, The Queen" - an honor granted by the Queen of England herself and of which Moorcrofy was justifiably proud.From then on, and through further changes of ownership, he continued to work as a designer until his retirement in 1987.In 1997 a Moorcroft Centenary was celebrated, for which Walter designed a large vase, After the Storm, a highly successful limited edition.With a history built on supurb artistry dating back more than 100 years, Moorcroft is as strong and as lively today as it has ever been.The pottery is still made in the original, picturesque Moorcroft factory in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England.


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