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Model updating in structural dynamics a survey

This site features information about discrete event system modeling and simulation.

Instead of building extensive mathematical models by experts, the readily available simulation software has made it possible to model and analyze the operation of a real system by non-experts, who are managers but not programmers.The points in time that an event is activated are randomized, so no input from outside the system is required.Events exist autonomously and they are discrete so between the execution of two events nothing happens.Modeling and simulation of system design trade off is good preparation for design and engineering decisions in real world jobs.In this Web site we study computer systems modeling and simulation.Analogous to the holodeck in the popular science-fiction television program Star Trek, simulations generate dynamic environments with which users can interact "as if they were really there." Such simulations are used extensively today to train military personnel for battlefield situations, at a fraction of the cost of running exercises involving real tanks, aircraft, etc.Dynamic modeling in organizations is the collective ability to understand the implications of change over time.These are but a few of the questions that you must answer in coming up with a design.With the integration of artificial intelligence, agents and other modeling techniques, simulation has become an effective and appropriate decision support for the managers.This skill lies at the heart of successful strategic decision process.The availability of effective visual modeling and simulation .


  1. Organizations are succeeding with agile software and product development in discrete projects and teams. To do so in multiple business units and product.

  2. It is well known that finite element predictions are often called into question when they are in conflict with test results. The area known as model updating is.

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