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Mexican man dating a white woman Couples cyber sex free chat room

In my sister's family there is a powerful and strong bond of love and care.

I admire and respect the challenges they have been put through with their daughter.

Western men live in a dog eat dog world, they do what they have to do to get ahead in the courtrooms and boardrooms, they battle women equally with men, and only the strongest survive.

They are raised to suppress their emotions, and they have to suppress their inclinations or they'll be sued for sexual harassment.

Women hit their sexual prime in their 40s, men in their 20s, it's natural and expected for young men to pursue, and even marry, much older women. Latin men have manners, if they see that you need help, they will offer it without a second thought.

I accept the occasional grocery bag carrying offer from my local gallant knights.

The things that lead to separation I would never wish on anyone. I can honestly say that the Mexican (not sure about Latino/Hispanic) they refer themselves as "Mexican" men I have met where I am all have been totally respectable, nice, loving and supportive to me.

I had never imagined myself with anyone other than my race. It seems they try harder and want to be more pleasing.

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:) I know the type of heart I love, and you are what you behold, if they behold the same thing, and I love their heart, that is all that matters! Race or not, for me, "it's a matter of the heart".....

The first signs of trouble were his x wife who was very jealous of my sister and him, crossing over to a white "blonde" woman. This woman stalked, terrorized and hasseled my sister for several years. Their other daughter was born fine and she is now a proud Mom of two children.

The oldest daughter was born with cerebral palsy and has been a big challenge yet a huge reward of love in their life.

My girlfriend emailed me and asked "What are the men like in Mexico? Latin men love women, and they show it at every opportunity and to whatever degree you will let them. A bus driver with an empty bus altered his course so he could take me to my destination.

"Yes they most certainly are different, and it's WONDERFUL! Where in America (or anywhere else for that matter) can a middle aged woman be told she is beautiful 20 times a day by men who really mean it and just have to let you know they think so? If he had been wearing a coat he would have flung it down so I could walk across it.


  1. Mexican dating rules differ depending on location. A well-dressed man or woman is always appreciated. Dating Mexican Girls and Guys; Photo Credits.

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