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Their data centers process more than 800,000 transactions per second and the company states that it produces accurate audience measurement to over 100 million web destinations.

Putin said that a common border will help commonwealth countries cope with threats such as drug trafficking, especially from Afghanistan. AS MOSCOW HOPES TO BRING UKRAINE AND MOLDOVA INTO NEW ECONOMIC ALLIANCEMeanwhile, EES Secretary-General Grigorii Rapota told journalists in Moscow on 9 July that his organization wants to upgrade the observer status of Ukraine and Moldova to full membership, RIA-Novosti and other Russian news agencies reported.Stoiber was received on 10 July by President Putin, who expressed his thanks to Bavaria for its help following the mid-air crash of the Bashkir Airlines passenger jet with a DHL cargo jet over southern Germany on 1 July, ITAR-TASS reported.Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov also met with the Bavarian prime minister.He added that there will always be domestic criticism of the Kremlin's foreign policy, but "the main thing is that domestic politics do not fracture the country." VY...AND COMMENTS ON CHINA, IRAQIn the same interview, Ivanov also emphasized Russia's productive relations with China, saying that the countries had achieved "balanced economic cooperation" and are discussing a number of joint projects.Its headquarters is in San Francisco, with offices in New York, Chicago, London and Dublin. Speaking at a Saransk meeting of Volga Federal District officials on 8 July (see "RFE/RL Newsline," 9 July 2002), President Vladimir Putin said that he believes Russia should reconsider where its southern border with Kazakhstan should lie, and reported the same day.The BBC commented the same day that Stoiber's meetings at such a high level reveals Moscow's preference in the upcoming elections in Germany.VYNATIONAL BOLSHEVIK PARTY LEADERS GO ON TRIALCourt proceedings against National Bolshevik Party leader and writer Eduard Savenko, commonly known by his literary pseudonym Limonov, and five of his colleagues were held on 8 and 9 July in Saratov, Russian news agencies reported."As far as international problems are concerned, [Russia] and China are in complete mutual understanding. military intervention in Iraq, Ivanov said, "Now the problem is to prevent any complication [of the situation]." When asked how Russia would respond if the United States attacked Iraq, Ivanov responded, "We will proceed from the situation that develops." RCBOOBY-TRAPPED SIGN KILLS MAN IN KALININGRADA man was killed in the Kaliningrad Oblast city of Baltiisk on 10 July when an obscene sign that he was attempting to remove exploded, Russian and Western news agencies reported.There is not a single international issue over which our interests are divided or in conflict," Ivanov said. According to NTV, the sign contained profane language addressed toward a commander of the Baltic Fleet, which is based in the city.


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