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The same period saw Fry star in the long-running BBC comedy Blackadder, in which Laurie also appeared.They reunited in Jeeves And Wooster on ITV, between 19.

He joined the university’s drama society, Cambridge Footlights, where he was introduced to Laurie by Emma Thompson, Laurie’s then girlfriend.: He rowed for Cambridge and was tipped for the British Olympic squad before illness forced him to turn to acting instead.

For instance, will a simple “Hey” suffice as an opening message? Recently, Hinge’s data scientists analyzed 5,000 Hinge users who exchanged numbers within 24 hours of matching.

Or do we actually have to read the person’s profile (I know! Then, they used a text analysis model to identify common phrases and words. The “sorry” could be from a message like, “Sorry it took me a while to get back to you…” So, no apologies! Here are some more things to avoid in your online convos: In another study, Hinge did a study of opening lines users would use.

I just did a quick scan of my last dozen online messages and, sure enough, there were a few “please”s in there: “Please let me know,” “Please get back to me,” and “Please write back.” If you think about it, if we’re into someone, we’ll get back to them without being prodded, thank you.

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