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Kenyan latenight sex chat

In Kenya, forget all that, a woman will come back from work in the wee hours of the night while reeking of alcohol.

She will then command her man to push up to his side of the bed, without showering, the Kenyan woman will get into the bed, wake up, rush to work without doing any chore at home.

There’s nothing fun about sex with a Kenyan woman, it’s real torture. The average Kenyan woman is like a Kalahari Desert.

It’s not until I begun to travel to Kenya and stayed over for longer periods that it suddenly hit me how Kenyan women were wildebeests in disguise.Apparently, putting a ring on a Kenyan woman is a massive waste of time, there’s no return on investment.On a late evening at a popular bar in Westlands, Tanya (name changed), an art consultant and a travel blogger, sat in a corner, impatiently looking at her phone and at the door. She was there to meet Anthony (name changed), her first Tinder date. Also, I’m sure you’re on this because you want to find a boyfriend. Find a girl, talk to her for a bit and if you both agree, then take it forward.Now that the Huddah Munroe bubble has also been burst, the Vera Sidika bubble too was poked with a needle, with these taken out of the pile, I wonder if there’s anything more Kenya has to offer as far as women are concerned.I have since then come to a conclusion, backed by findings from the laboratory of social life which is experience.The Kenyan Government should levy a special tax on all Kenyan Women; this money should be used to give every Kenyan player a monthly salary for the hard work in having sex with Kenyan women.Having sex with a Kenyan woman is not a fun activity; it shouldn’t even be called romance or making love.You spot a Kenyan woman, and will be wondering which designer she’s wearing, only to find out that she got the curtain from her home windows and took it to the tailor to create a dress.The Kenyan Blankets and Wine event is a horror event, the Ugandan version is like the Paris Fashion week. Nothing is as rare as love from a Kenyan Woman Factor in the moral inflation figures, Kenyan women have not been taught to love neither have they experienced what it means to give out love.With all the buckets of make-up they apply on their faces, we are shocked that that the most beautiful Kenyan woman doesn’t come close to an average Ugandan woman.Show me a Vera Sidika or a Huddah Munroe, and I will show you thousands of Ugandan girls who are far more beautiful, and devoid of plastic or fake body parts. Kenyan Women Have Taken Obesity To Another Scale Unlike in Uganda where our while in Nairobi and you will be gasping for fresh air because of the space that’s always taken up by its obese women.


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