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From 1998 to 2003, Ellison played Emily Shadwick in the soap opera Brookside.

In 2003, Ellison appeared in the travel documentary Jennifer Ellison does Thailand and in 2004, she appeared on the reality television show Hell's Kitchen, which she then went on to win.

Ellison also starred on the reality TV show Dance Mums the UK version of the American reality TV show, Dance Moms Ellison studied dance from the age of three, first at a dance school in Liverpool, then later at the Elizabeth Hill School of Dancing in St. She has achieved examination passes with the Royal Academy of Dance and appeared on instructional videos for the academy.

She has also taken examinations with the International Dance Teachers Association and won Ballet and Modern Dance titles at the IDTA Theatre Dance Championships in 19, and in addition was awarded the Carl Alan Award for ballet in 1998.

"He had smashed me with a beer bottle and all my friends saw it.

She currently hosts the UK version of Dance Moms on Lifetime, Dance Mums with Jennifer Ellison.Scroll down for more"I still love him but it's over.I will never forgive him for going with that trollop.Ellison claimed that he once slammed her on the floor of a hotel room breaking her collarbone, and also attacked her with a bottle.Scroll down for more Speaking of the assault in which her lover allegedly smashed a beer bottle over her head at a London night club, she said: "The next thing I knew I felt this crash on the back of my head and went all dizzy.The american version ' Dance Moms' has been running in the states for 4 seasons.Jennifer runs a dance school in Liverpool and the show will follow the children and their parents pursuit of their dreams.TV beauty Jennifer Ellison has confessed that her cheating fiance battered her during their six-year relationship.The ex-Brookside star sobbed through an emotional interview in which she described how 28-year-old Tony Richardson had repeatedly attacked her.Ellison stood by him after he spent three months in prison for motoring offences and the couple's home was even shot at, reportedly due to Richardson's murky past.Last week Jennifer's mother Jane spoke of her relief that the relationship was over: "Thank God he is out of her life at last.


  1. Jennifer Lesley Ellison. Jennifer Ellison's most distinctive attributes are her large and natural. Ellison and boxer Robbie Tickle began dating in May.

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