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She also ended up meeting her best friend, Samantha Nishimura, during her time at UCL.It was because of Sam's free spirit and wild streak that Lara was able to experience much more of London than just the universities and museums that she loved so much.Lara Croft is also considered a sex symbol, one of the earliest in the industry to achieve widespread attention.The character's influence in the industry has been a point of contention among critics; viewpoints range from a positive agent of change in video games to a negative role model for young girls.It was on one of these expeditions that her mother vanished and was presumed dead and a few years later her father presumably took his own life, she was then left in the care of Conrad Roth.

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Core Design handled initial development of the character and the series.

The third era deviates from the original plot considerably.

When Lara was young she travelled with her parents on many of their archaeological expeditions which helped to shape the woman she was becoming.

And after experiencing the supernatural powers of the ancient world, she comes to realise her father was right about his theories and her hunger for adventure awakens.

Lara Croft primarily appears in the Tomb Raider video game series published by Square Enix Europe (previously Eidos Interactive).


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