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Jeremias Van Laeren ons verclaert heeft, dat hij sijn gemoedt bevondt van Godt...aengeroert om de beroepinge aen te nemen, hemselven onderwor- pende het goedtvinden ende wtspraecke van de E. Sijn derhalven 2 aldaer donderdaeghe..17" deser verschenen, alwaer van ons...voorgestelt is het versoeck van vrijstellinge ende ontslach D. Waer op ons een andtwoorde nae wensch van den Prseside inden naeme van alle de E. broederen des kercken-raedts der Nederduydtsche Gemeinte Chiisti tot Londen. 189—2 1508 The Reforrmd Community of Coudekerke discharge J. [Originai in Dutch.y Actum den 20 July 1631, uyt name des kerkenraats en daartoe gelastet Jeremias Van Laren. London: The humble i petition of Jane Wattkines widow, a distressed prisoner in the King's Benché, Sheweth, that your petitioner hath continued prisonour a yeere and a quarter, not for any just debtes, but for matters arisinge in dowbt, conceming the last will and testament of Sergeant Maior Wattkynes her late husband, who lost his lyfe in the Ile of Re. Ambrosius Regemorterus, to the Conaiatory of the Dutch Community, London. [Originai in Dutch.] As we have experienced your favour and benevolence before, i CH. 189 1506 The Dutch Community, Yarmouth, tothe Dutch Community, London, 1631. Endorsed : Van Yaarmoth, ouer het half jarich dienstgelt. Jeremias Larenus that our choiee had fallen on him, and that he wished to have five days to consider the matter. Broederen des Kerckenraedts der Nederduydtsche Gemeinte Christi tot Londen.

I bave put up at the house of Mons"' Diodati, the brother in law (swager) of Mons'' Burlamachi of London, who was deputed to the Synod of Dordrecht. 1509 [Originai in Dutch.'] We now write our fifth Letter to you. Ambrosius Tolner, quondam Pastor Ecclesise Tiirschenreutensis, et Diceceseos Wald- sas.sensis Inspector; nunc vero Exul in Agro Norico suo et Georgij Summeri nunc absentis nomine. The Consistory of the Re- formed Community, of Coudekerke, in consultation with the Lords of the Manor (Ambachtsheeren) and Magistrate of Flushing, having considered the request of the Deputies of the London-Dutch Congregation, and the representation of the Deputies of the Classis [of Walcheren], founded on Artide 16 of the Church-ordinance of the year 1591, discharge M"' Jeremias Van Laren, though they wish to keep him longer. The Lord be praised for haviug thus far assisted us. As our brother Jeremias Larenus hopes to leave next September for London, you will please look out for a house for him. Addressed: Den...broederen des kereken-raedts der Nederduydtsche Gemeinte Christi tot Londen. The public exercite of the ortliodox religion i» forbidden to u»; for more than ten year» tee have been deprived of the protection of our ilagitlracy, despoiled and robbed by the hirelinijs and soldier.i of Antichritt, Jeeuitt ite. We have to live among thone trho hate us, and to bear injurie» and innulta filently ; our former pupil* tcill noi help tu tcith a farthing or a loan ; while no Popiah ojicer» icill do un jtutice, or eompel thote tcho otce ut money to pay iw. lieduced to extreme poverty by th' long duration of our exile, tee have hardly anything left to tu but our bedt iiiui a fetc books, and tee, who fnrmerly helped otheri, note require to be relieved by the charitable , tchile tre are prevented from doing anything to niaintain otirtelvei, and meet everytchere tcith intultt and accttiationt. The eoldiery, tchile deragtaiing everything around tu, terrify ut and eompel ut to change our abodet repeatedly. Popery is gaining strength every- tchere, and endeavouri to extirpate or banith the pure Gotpel. God and the benevolence of outlandish Churehei are now our only refuge. He hope that you, remembering the tcelcome exlended by the Palatinate to the exilei of your nation at the Urne of the pertecutiont under Queen Mary, tcill help tis. Nos Archipalatinatu.s superioris miseri Christi Exules, i ad genua vestra fraterna accidimus, et in sinum vestrum fratemum, paternum, non sine multi» gemitibus et lacrymis exoneramus multiplices, in quas iusto Dei judieio demersi sumus, difficultates, angustia», necessitates nostras, nostrarum coniugum, tenellorum ii- berorum, orphanorum, ad quas ne surdi et muti e-sse velitis, per viscera et vulnera Christi rogamus. temporum vel hominum potius iniuria, devenimus, 2 ut patria nostra dulcissima, iam ultra sexennium careamus, a cuius etiam aditu et transitu prohibemur crudelissime: destituamur publico Religionis Orthodoxae, in qua 1510 Letters Patent of the Exiles of the omnis salus nostra sita est, exercitio... Lettera patent of the exlles of the Upper Palatinate, to the Engllsh people. Oh, kind frieiuì$ of England, tee utith to bring our difficulties before you, and hope that you will hear ut. Fot more than nix yeart ae have been excluded front our country, and are noi u Uowed to enter or pati through it. The journey to Germany as far as Straasburgh is safe, but opy- 00 e, ^^ gouig danger on account of the Imperialists, which, however, is nut con- 2094. Of ali the transactions we have received the necessary documents in i writing. seer dienstwillige broeder 3 Ambrosi US Regemorterus. The wars of Italy bave deprived this town ^'^f its commerce and greatly impoverished it, but the inhabitants straiten themselves so rev. I hope to receive soon a Letter from you, 4 leam whether you will allow me to travel from bere through Basel and Zurich ' This iburg, Franckfort, Metz in Lorraine, and so to Zedan, where I hope to pass the to the Exiles ^j^g vintage. This we did last Sunday, assisted by the Deputies of the Seigneurs and the Magistrate of Vlissingeu, and the Deputies of the Classis [of Walcheren], and the Elders and Deacons of the Community of Coudekercke consented to discharge their Minister. ìfy il: '^&'' '•.-y Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2008 with funding from Microsoft Corporation EPISTVLAE ET TRACTATVS ECCLESIAE LONDINO-BATAVAE HISTORIAM ILLVSTRANTES. (CCL TANTVM EXCVSA SVNT EXEMPLAKIA) ECCLESIAE LONDINO-BATAVAE ARCHIWM. Welck wij oock V..den eersten sullen laeten weten, eer wij naer Hollaudt vertrecken, welck misschien dijnsdagh nae8t...wesen sai. Heeft een huijsvrouwe ende 3 kinders, met een dienstmaeght.... We will write to you before we go to Holland, which viny be next Tuesday. Van Laren wishee to depart for London with hi» family (wife, three children, and a maid-tervant) before the winter (in six weeks or two inonths' tinte), and a» he now live» in an open tpace with garden, an airy house should be selected for him. Eerweijrdige...broeders, den 10 Julij ' hebben wij U. So dat wy niet en twijffelen, oft wij sulleu mor- 4 gen door des Heeren geuaede een volcomen eynde van de saecke sien. broeders in tijdts believeu te letteu op een huijs dat wat lochtich Ì8...


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