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Slack is a productivity tool, designed to make it easier for groups—especially ones spread out across buildings, regions, or continents—to work together seamlessly.But we all know that easy communications can be a two-edged sword.Slack has a lot of options related to how messages and uploaded files are retained, edited, and disposed of.An administrator may need to fiddle with these settings to comply with internal legal policies about message retention or external regulatory requirements.Shifting the #active-projects name to #projects-announce and popping off a #projects-discussion could help those who need to stay abreast without requiring the same investment of time on their part.

(You’d think it would be a welcome option.)However, after a preview appears, an admin can hover anywhere over the preview and Slack will show a tiny gray x that turns black when you’re directly above it.Slack lets users control when they receive desktop and mobile notifications, allowing for a daily, recurring Do Not Disturb period when no alerts pass through.This can help people tune out of communications outside work hours, and can be especially useful for a team that has people who work different hours or are spread across time zones.When a lot of new projects are underway and people start getting into the details, you might suddenly have hundreds of messages a day, and participants might feel compelled to devote tens of minutes or more to read all the messages.This is the email-discussions-eat-productivity problem re-created in Slack.Your team could be losing time in Slack channels as members post so many messages that it’s impossible for anyone to keep up.You may have discussions that should take place in private, due to internal policy or regulatory issues, that are happening in public.Last names will appear in an autocomplete list in darker text as part of the username; Slack shows the personal full name in lighter text, making it easier to miss seeing them.You can create a short message about your policy that all users will see when they pick their username (in Team Settings in the Settings tab).An admin can seed this policy by setting a global default Do Not Disturb period that individual members can override.Everyone in a team is alerted when the policy is set, and individual preferences are reset whenever an admin changes the time range.


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