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Figurine dating

Our world famous figures, ornaments and fine china take shape before your eyes as you are guided through every facet of our centuries old creative art.This unique gallery, at the Doulton Fine China Nile Street Pottery, Burslem, traces the story of Doulton from its foundation in 1815 and includes the world famous collection of several hundred rare figures.

Though such figurines are traditionally associated with goddesses of fertility, the researchers believe it could also represent an elderly, influential woman in the ancient society.After accusing Mellaart of smuggling priceless artifacts out of Turkey, the Turkish government cancelled his permit to dig in 1965.By that time, however, excavations had revealed a large settlement, with over a dozen layers of ruins.In 2012, UNESCO designated the settlement as a World Heritage Site.A team of Polish archaeologists discovered the 8,000-year-old “goddess figurine” earlier this year, after hollowing out a large dwelling in the southern part of the Çatalhöyük site.During more than a century and a half Royal Doulton have gained a unique reputation for ceramic work of art.Each new generation of potters and ceramic artists strives to improve on its predecessors' work.To take advantage of all the benefits of membership write for an application form to Royal Doulton International Collectors' Club at U. Branch, Minton House, London Road, Stoke-on-Trent, ST4 7QD, Telephone (0782) 744766 or to the appropriate address shown below. C – Thermoluminescence test included – Good condition Katsina figurine, northern Nigeria. A thermoluminescence test is a scientific analysis which enables to date the last baking of a piece in terracotta. The QED Laboratory is internationally renowned for the seriousness of their tests. At the time the figurine was made, Çatalhöyük may have been in a process of transition from its famously egalitarian roots and sharing economy to a more stratified, hierarchal system based on an economy of exchange.Excavations of the Neolithic settlement of Çatalhöyük began back in 1961, led by the controversial British archaeologist James Mellaart.


  1. The figure is made of heavy pottery, not porcelain. Marks on any piece offered as Royal Dux must be examined very carefully. Even if you believe you can correctly date a piece, you should still request a written receipt that includes the approximate date of production. Nobody can say with any certainty what marks may have.

  2. Ice age figurine's head found Archaeologists put new and old finds together to reassemble ancient work of art. Date July 18, 2013; Source Universitaet Tübingen; Summary Researchers have successfully re-attached the newly discovered head of a prehistoric mammoth-ivory figurine discovered in 1931. The head was.

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