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This gave the series some much-needed mass-market exposure.Marvel's license was only for the original series, which was already completed, so none of the sequels followed suit.DC's publication of Elfquest material began in July 2003 with The Elfquest 25th Anniversary Special, reprinting the first issue of Elfquest with new computer coloring and lettering by Wendy Pini, and two short interviews with the Pinis.This was a teaser for The Elfquest Archives, hardcover color compilation volumes which began in November 2003.This series was planned reprint the first eight graphic novel collections in glossy format with new coloring and lettering.Fans have complained that the publication schedule is disappointingly slow.

Elfquest was also one of the first comic book series that had a prearranged conclusion. The fact that a female artist/writer (Wendy Pini) was the creative principal of the series was also notable.Towards the end of their runs, in the mid-1990s, most of these titles reverted to black and white in North America, though some were published in color in Europe.In large part as a response to the shrinking direct market in the mid-1990s, continuing storylines were collapsed together into a single 64-page anthology series introduced by the one shot Metamorphosis.Most of the additional material (bridging pages and panels) was incorporated into subsequent print collections and the online edition.In March 2003 it was announced that after 25 years of self-publication the Pinis had licensed all publishing and merchandising rights in the series to DC Comics, although the Pinis retained creative control.It is a fantasy story about a community of elves and other fictional species who struggle to survive and coexist on a primitive Earth-like planet with two moons.Several published volumes of prose fiction also share the same setting.Two more series were published in a reduced "comic book size" format, but still in black and white: Siege at Blue Mountain (8 issues) and Kings of the Broken Wheel (9 issues), later collected and published in color as part of a second edition of the graphic novels as Books 5–8.The stories take place three years after the original quest.A fifth tribe of elves, the Wave Dancers, was introduced only to be redacted from continuity.A one-shot issue re-introduced the sea elves with a new cast of characters.


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  2. Elfquest or ElfQuest is a cult hit comic book property created by Wendy and Richard Pini in 1978. It is a fantasy story about a community of elves and other.

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