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But Heather Graven, a lecturer in climate physics and Earth observation at Imperial College London, reports in the US journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences that by 2020, as the fossil fuel emissions mount up, the fraction of carbon-14 in the atmosphere could drop to such a level that carbon-dating could become increasingly uncertain.Fossil fuels are reservoirs of carbon from plants and algae that died so long ago that all the carbon-14 has decayed.When carbon dioxide exhausts from combustion engines reach the atmosphere, they increase the levels of non-radioactive carbon, artificially ageing the atmosphere and, accordingly the new growths that exploit the atmospheric carbon.

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Dr Graven, who uses radiocarbon technology to study the global carbon cycle, told Climate News Network: “I was inspired by how many innovative applications there are for radiocarbon in diverse fields.

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If it’s a nice meal you’re after, you can find a local and fresh lunch or dinner at Foster’s Kitchen in Kona. Open every Wednesday from – pm, this farmer’s market will make sure that you only buy the freshest ingredients from the most local Hawaiian residents. This fabric, with a name more aptly suited to your favorite dinosaur, was the first that let water vapor out and didn't let physical water in.

Collaborating with local farmers, the menu incorporates local products from craft beers to locally produced kombucha to fresh breads to Kona coffee. Students in the carpentry program at Nashoba Technical Valley High School in Westford, Massachusetts, are learning to build not only furniture, but also a cleaner environment. read more Respected publication Air Transport World recently had their 44th annual Airline Industry Achievement Awards. Air Canada has been named the 2018 Eco-Airline of the year.


  1. Aug 5, 2011. On Wednesday night I attended Berkeley's first Veg Speed Dating event at Saturn Cafe, which was put together by my amazing eco-vegan Karine of Karine Brighten Events. She was inspired by her single vegan girlfriends who said it was impossible to find a plant-based mate, so she set out to prove them.

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