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Dressage sports dating

So, I suppose in a pseudo attempt to correct such an egregious error, I’ll take a few moments to write down some of the garbage loitering about my head these days. One in particular was of Pat, taken a week or so after I broke up with him following a 4 year relationship; the first *real* relationship for us both.I’ve so much to catch up on, and so little genuine motivation to do so (and of course considerably less time). I met a new guy; his name is Louis and he is an Air Force pilot. I won’t go into why I had the photo saved, I feel that fact speaks reams for itself, but what I will note is that he was wearing his old navy blue hat with the 7 on it.If the advanced training stage is reached, dressage may become an objective in itself.

The overall objectives are to enable the horse to comply easily and willingly with the demands of the rider and at the same time to improve the horse’s pace and bearing.

Sometimes described as horse ballet, dressage actually has its roots in the way Greeks prepared their horses for war more than 2000 years ago.

The modern objective is to demonstrate the harmonious development of the horse’s three natural paces (walk, trot, canter) and how the horse responds to the rider’s commands while performing a series of prearranged movements, striving to give the impression that the horse is executing the exercises all on its own.

At 51 years and 89 days old, Pracht became the oldest ever female Canadian Olympic medallist.

It was at those same Games that Ishoy posted Canada’s best-ever individual dressage result, just missing the podium in fourth place.


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