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Bottom line: DYD will give you tips (ie don't face the group with your body), revelation will teach you WHY the tip works (ie value differential).I'd rather learn WHY something works then blindly memorizing a list of tips to pickup women.Lani Klaphaak is the founder of Social Studio Coaching, a San Francisco based dating, relationship, and life coaching company that specializes in teaching Silicon Valley techies social skills and emotional intelligence.Summary: In this interview, Lani explains the importance of authenticity in creating connection, and gives specific steps that will help you meet more women and develop deeper emotional relationships.I've never taken a look at David D's Mastery Program, but probably because I haven't needed it so far.I think Mystery and David are both very good teachers and each has their own advantages and disadvantages.Just my honest opinion after seeing what both products have to offer.

Granted DYD does have a body language program but why the heck buy 5 different DVD programs to get the info (and arguably worse, less organized info) than what you get with a single revelation book or DVD package.

And is it david or one of the speakers who says about it? James Well, in my opinion, it is one of the very best products out there. There is so much killer content on this with very little filler.

De Angelos charisma and wit just shimmers through this product.

Has anyone gone through this program and is it any good?

In the list where it says what you will learn in the program, one of the things is"the ONLY way to get a women who just wants to be friends to start feeling attraction for you" Can someone tell me what that is now?


  1. Take advantage of years of trial and error David went through to learn how to be successful with women and dating. Check out his full program. Double Your Dating Book. Learn the foundation of David. Get access to the ENTIRE collection of my dating mastery programs for one low price. Inner Game. 490x275 77 Mr.

  2. This program requires a LOT of hard work on your part. It requires that you think through just about every important aspect of your life many of which might not “seem” like they're important to meeting women but they are. In this program, I describe and explain what I consider to be the “Master Key” to success with women.

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