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New regulations regarding the residence of foreigners in Turkey have improved long out-of-date laws, but their lack of flexibility is hurting many non-Turkish residents, according to an Austrian researcher in Turkey.“[Long-term residents] were not taken into consideration.

She also does not like engineers and people who work at sea.

A diverse migration population started to come to the country, so work started again on a new law on residence permits. But the most positive thing is that for the first time in Turkey’s migration history, we have a permanent residence permit; this did not exist for foreign nationals. We come from a certain system; we had migration laws, but they were old; in fact, they did not work.

In 2013, the law on foreigners and international protection was endorsed which deals with residence permits, and there is also a draft law on work permits. So there was a de facto laissez-faire migration policy.

I am never regarded as a migrant in the Turkish context, for instance.

I am considered a foreigner but other people [of Turkish decent], even with foreign passports, are not considered foreigners.


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