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Robert Goetze had learned his skills from Heinrich Geissler in Bonn.Soon Otto had his first employees, together with his brothers Rudolf, Hermann and Max the business grew, Max became the salesman of the family.Until then the workshop only produced products for export.The main production came from Leipzig, from 1910 Pressler started the production of X-ray tubes.Company established in 1869 until 1926 in Stützerbach Thuringa, produced chemical and scientific glasswork including Geissler tubes.Two catalogues are known, published in 1895 one in red and one in yellow both catalogues contain the same items.You can find more information here (German) [109] Born 13 febr 1853 in Smalenbuche (Lauscha) in Thuringa, started probably as a thermometer maker.Went in 1886 to Bonn to work in the workshop of Franz Müller (Geisslers Nachfolger) and learned all skills to make scientific equipment, in this period he made instruments for Elster and Geitel two famous Physicians.

You can find more information on this websites (German) Jogis-roehrenbude Glasapparaten museum Cursdorff e also learned his skills at the workshop of Franz Müller in Bonn.Raised in the German town of Ingelshieb near Cursdorff.His father was like many others in the region of Thuringia a glassblower for making fine glass art like glass pearls.From 1911 he collaborated with the companies DGL and INFRAM which merged in 1931 into DGL Pressler.In 1943 the factory in Leipzig was bombed and competently destroyed but went on under the same name after the war to produce mainly neon, flash tubes and photocells.After WWI the export increased for a short time until the crisis years before WWII.His son Arno who joined from the twenties, led the firm after Rudolf his death in 1935 until he left 1958.Pressler was a large supplier of vacuum tubes and other scientific instruments, most of them were sold by firms like E.Leybolds Nachfolger, Max Kohl, Ferdinand Ernecke, Cenco, Becker and many others.For them he made the first tubes with a filament cathode and photocells.Heinrich Hertz, Philipp Lenard and Conrad Röntgen were also customers of Louis Müller-Unkel.


  1. Octal sockets were designed to accept octal tubes, the rib in the keyed post. on RCA's miniature tubes. War II. After the war miniature tubes.

  2. Vacuum Tube Basics. Learn about general tube related topics. Cart My Cart. Mostly, it's supply and demand. These tubes aren't being made anymore.

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  4. Post subject Dating radios by the true model season - example GE. one only, JFM 2 with FM, JM 5 record player, L 34 BC only or BC and SW, 5 or 6 tubes.

  5. Sandy Hook, Gateway NRA, NPS. RCA during the War? BT Well. come down to the Post and see him when he couldn’t get a day off.

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