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Dating my bosss daughter

Yeah, when l get my raise, Haven't you been working there for, like, a year? That's nice, l guess maybe l was out of line by pissing all over everything, Man,,, that was funny, (laughs)) Yeah, l've always enjoyed a good prank, What are you drinking there? There's plenty of booze around here, that's for sure, Yeah, l'll take a shot of bourbon, - Oh, my God! - Cheers, - All right, Mmm, - (grunts)) - Oh, are you,,, - Whoa, - Here, Why don't l,,, - (glass breaks)) - Whoa! He's like a human vibrator, What,,, All right, what is wrong with him? - Yes, Then that must be it then, You didn't give him the pill with whiskey, did you? - You're not supposed to mix the two, - Audrey, you did not tell me that! Don't worry, He'll be fine, l used to be a paramedic, - Tom? l don't care about,,, We have a situation here, Audrey, call ! - He just needs some rest, l'm positive, - OK, You watch TJ, Use this, lt's not loaded, but he doesn't know that, - (doorbell) - Oh, man! That, - How did you guys,,, - We finally had our long overdue talk, Then-then who's taking your place in Thailand? (squawks)) Jack begged Audrey to come back, but she got a job at, of all places, a coffee shop.

Oh, l,,, l don't-l don't really know much about the limitations of the handicapped, l know of an employment agency that hires out retarded people for $ an hour, So, if making a cup of coffee is too difficult a task for you, Miss Bennett, perhaps you'd be good enough to let me know, and l'll contact this agency and give a retarded person a job, (mouths)) Wow, - l wasn't too rough on her, was l? - Don't even worry about it, You're gonna find another guy so fast, l mean, look at you, You're amazing, - You really think so? Oh, God, Tom, You didn't know, You thought that,,, (door opens)) Uh,,, uh,,, l'm gonna,,, l'll be right back, l'm just gonna go and check and see if Audrey needs towels, Tom, you don't have to lie to me, lf you have to go to the bathroom, go take a crap and come back, (chuckles)) (clatter) What the,,, hey! (grunts)) You try to bone Vasquez out of grand and you ask me what l'm doing? And you gotta put an end to it, and-and move on, - And get yourself to a better place, OK? (squawks)) Hello, You must be Julie's date, Come in, Come in, Actually l'm just here looking for a bird, Make yourself at home, Albert, Julie's still getting ready, - No, actually, uh, my name is Tom, - l'm sorry, l'm hard of hearing, - Could you speak up, please? l could've sworn Julie said your name was Albert, No, see, l'm afraid that you're mistaken, - ls someone here? No, l'm just,,, l just came here, l was looking for an owl, (laughs)) You don't have to make lame excuses, Listen, do you know what the advantage is in being a cripple? l'm sorry, Uh,,, uh,,, Tell me what you gained, l no longer need my Viagra, Now l can maintain my arousal for hours, That's-that's great, l guess things have a way of evening themselves out in the long run, huh? - No, it's just that the,,, - (squawks)) - (grunts)) Tom, there's two things that we need to talk about, What? - Yeah, l mean, no, no, Tina, your breast is no different than mine, OK? Well, we're not gonna put him in my car, - (Audrey)) That's right, - All right, Forget it, l'm calling , - That's for emergencies, - What do you think this is? That there was a,,, accident, - They might not see it that way, - Let's face it, Tom, You did kill him, - You gave me the pill, - Hey, l didn't tell you to kill nobody, OK? - Well, if you'd listen to me,,, - You didn't say anything about whiskey! She's right, Some kind of last rites or eulogy or something like that? (chuckles)) (groans)) (Red) Well, that should do it, Tom! - Everybody, stay back and remain calm, - (Lisa)) Are you all right?

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l know this might seem a little out of place because we barely even know each other, But, do you have any plans tonight? - Tom, you're such a sweetheart, Thank you so much, l'm gonna love you forever for this, - All right, Yeah, who's the man now? He's nice, Daddy, That's how, Most guys wouldn't even offer to do that, l don't know if l want him around my bird, Oh, Dad, will you just relax? l'll check in as soon as l get there, : lf l sense anything's wrong, you're coming back here, OK, OK, (. lt's OK, l'm Red Taylor, l'm Jack's son, l let myself in the back, - Oh, Hey, Tom Stansfield, - Hey, Tom, nice to meet you, Am l interrupting something here? - l'm more the free spirit of the family, Oh, Oh, boy, See that right there? - Yeah, l dated her maid, Wow, that's really something, And listen, Could you do me a favor? A business associate of my dad's is gonna come by to pick this up, - lt's frozen steaks, it's a gift, - lt's not cold, Dad says that's the way the guy likes 'em, What are you gonna do? (doorbell) Just one second, (doorbell) - Audrey, - Tom, (man)) Let's go! Oh, l guess this makes sense, He's got you living with him now? - Hey, Lisa, l'm great, l'm great, - (squawks)) - ls that OJ? - We just had a little drink of water, - l haven't heard him squawk in years, Oh, yeah, He's quite the crazy bird, you know, Yeah. (tires screeching)) Oh, my God, Thank God he's gone, Hey, so is it OK if l stay here tonight? - Desi Arnaz, - Oh, - His life just changed, (squeaking)) Oh, Oh, God, Oh,,, oh,,, oh,,, - Tom! You may be the coolest girl ever, - You like football? - Nothing, sir, Hold on a moment, please, Stansfield,,, why don't you just concentrate on the driving and let me get on with making my call, - Wait! Oh, nothing, sir, Almost home, - Hey, How'd this get in there?

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Anarchic comedy veteran David Zucker directs hot young thing of 2003 Ashton Kutcher in the fast-paced romantic comedy My Boss's Daughter.

lt's, you know, you keep it bottled up and then sooner or later, you come into work and you mow everyone down with one of those,,, - AK- - AK- You know, just to impress, uh,,, - Jodie Foster, - Jodie Foster, (chuckles)) All right, l'll do it on your day off, all right? Just go over there and talk to her, Go, Go, - OK, fine, l'm going, l'm going, - You're going, You're Tom Stansfield, right? Yeah, Yeah, Tom, Tom Stansfield, Stansfield from Research, lt's a growing sport, you know? - It's possible I may be coming home early, so make sure that everything's in order. - Uh,,, yeah, Sure, - Thank you, Oh, hey, Sorry to butt in, Hi, l'm Red, - Hi, it's nice to meet you, - Nice to meet ya, Anyway, l realized you were telling the truth when my real date showed up, - Of course he didn't stick around, - Well, that guy is a bum, Well, l'm sure that had nothing to do with you, No, l know it did, l've never had any guys attracted to me, even before the accident, Now that cannot be true, Well,,, about six months ago, l was hitchhiking and a trucker tried to rape me, but other than that,,, Come on, You're gonna tell me, you never had a real boyfriend? (Arthur) That's Holyfield's ear for God's sake, (thunder rolling)) - (squawking)) - OJ?

- No, - All right, fine, So l don't get angry, What is that, a bad thing? - (Speed) OK, yeah, l got this end, - (Audrey)) Man, he's heavy, Do you mind if l sit down? l told you l don't have folliculitis, you blithering idiot, Well, guys, the ointment must have worked, Let's go, Wait! No, Dad, l swear, l gave this guy a bag of flour, l dumped a kilo of the real stuff down the toilet, l'm finished dealing for good, The lime green toilet with the wooden seat? Evander Holyfield's ear, You have to right to remain silent, Anything you say can and,,, Lisa, wait! - Sure, l know this is gonna sound weird, but ever since l was a little kid,,, l used to always wish that l was that stupid bird, Aw, (squawks)) Look, l think it's about time you talk to Dad, At least tell him how you feel, You can do it, (grunts)) (yells)) Don't you see, we have no reason to be afraid of him?


  1. May 3, 2017. Remember the letter a few weeks ago from someone who, uh, ended up calling her boss's daughter a whore? Here's the. I was really baffled by the idea that dating equals immoral behavior, especially since a good portion of the dates I have been on have involved little more than dinner and a movie.

  2. My Boss's Daughter Script taken from a transcript of the screenplay and/or the Ashton Kutcher and Tara Reid movie. Hi, Tom, Uh, you're home? Why are you home? lt's not worth going into, l got in a huge fight with Hans, Oh, So. it's over? lt's my own fault for dating a guy my dad likes, Really? Yeah, he's one of his top.

  3. Y/N Braun dosn't like justin alot since he been bad but when justin tells her his feeling will she change her mind about justin.

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