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B ~ Breathtaking, Boastful over His creation, Belt of truth, Breast plate of righteousness, Breath of life.F ~ Fiery, Fierce, Fascinating, Flourishing with life and love, Footpath, Faithful. M ~ Maker of heaven and earth, Majesty, Mustard seed, Mountain.Construction contracts also contain implied warranties. An implied warranty is an obligation imposed by law and is independent of any promises between the homeowner and the contractor.The most common implied warranties are (1) the implied warranty of habitability, which generally only applies to new homes, and (2) the implied warranty of workmanlike construction.No warranty can adequately compensate for the lack of these key elements. So,this is the ABC's of God, just listing off how awesomely cool God is with words or sentences. C ~ Courageous, Caring, Compassionate, Covering, Creator, Cloak of humility. E ~ Eloquent, Emanuel, Elohim, Enrapturing, Eye-opening, Extraordinary. L ~ Lover of my soul, Life, Love, Light, Lion of Judah, Lord of Lords.

I received two calls last week on warranties, one from a contractor and the other a homeowner.

Tea ceremonies are generally associated with people of higher social standing, then and now, and this explains why the judge would have 'treated' us to this: as a way of welcoming us, but also maybe to make us appreciate that we were in 'important' company.

It seems that traditional tea ceremonies in Korea were becoming less and less common, but have recently been experiencing a kind pf 'revival', as a way of relaxing in the formal setting of the workplace, and re-connecting with traditional buddhist beliefs and a healthier way of life.

Without going into specifics, the scenario is something similar to this: It has been about two years since you put that addition on your home, or if you are a contractor – have completed the project, and the roof starts leaking after that recent Nor’easter.

Does the homeowner have recourse against the contractor? Well, that depends on the warranty clause contained in the construction contract, if in fact, the contract contained a warranty clause.


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