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One of the witnesses said that the lights were travelling at the speed of a slow plane and added: "We were assuming it was military aircraft using different lights until it dawned upon us both there was no noise at all and it was a still night with little cloud. "If they can halve their travel costs by coming together and sharing, then it's definitely worth it." to a UFO research site the sighting of "a group of around 9-10 round orange lights with a further one following slightly behind" passing through the night sky over Farncombe. Before long they returned to the hospital with another patient with a urinary infection. They hoisted her up from her wheelchair and took her to Frimley Park Hospital.

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Just before the objects disappeared a passenger aircraft flew very closely to these objects the passenger plane engines were very loud and distinctive and confirmed the silence of the strange orange objects passing." ) to abandon the use of bicycles in favour of two-person teams working from vans.

A hefty tree fallen in the middle of Iron Lane prevented the ambulance from getting through.

“It’s a typical day for this kind of accident,” Adam said.

Not only that, but the couple in question were looking at a house virtually opposite our road.

He is serious, kind, eager to please, anxious: when you see his ghastly mother from Godalming (Jacqueline King), you know he has plenty to be anxious about.” "Great excitement last night! We switched on "Location, Location, Location" on TV (not something we watch often, but it just happened to be on) and there was Godalming - in the screen-flesh!


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  4. WEY MANY TWINS It seems that there may be 'something in the water' in Godalming, or at least that's what many mums in the area are saying. "I'm told Godalming has.

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