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Dating during 1940

Unconvinced that the Conservative Party was committed to social justice, Churchill switched to the Liberal Party in 1904.

He was elected a member of Parliament in 1908, and was appointed to the prime minister's cabinet as president of the Board of Trade.

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While reporting on the Boer War in South Africa, he was taken prisoner by the Boers during a scouting expedition.

In the six years after Churchill’s defeat, he became the leader of the opposition party and continued to have an impact on world affairs.

In March 1946, while on a visit to the United States, he made his famous "Iron Curtain" speech, warning of Soviet domination in Eastern Europe.

While at school, Churchill wrote emotional letters to his mother, begging her to come see him, but she seldom came.

His father died when he was 21, and it was said that Churchill knew him more by reputation than by any close relationship they shared.


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  2. U. S. President Franklin Roosevelt signs a $1.3 billion dollar commitment to modernize the United States Navy fleet in preparation for possible war. June 13th 1940. War goods. July 7th 1942. This date is set aside for Operation Rutter - the amphibious landing at the port city of Dieppe in occupied France. July 7th

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