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They are all based on the basic example seen above.

Let’s say we want the clock to show up on certain days but not others.

Java Script dates and times are taken from the user’s computer.

That means the user can affect a Java Script clock by changing the time on their machine.

In most cases, this won’t matter, but in the case of something super sensitive, it will be necessary to get the time from the server.

That can be done with a bit of PHP or Ajax, both of which are beyond the scope of this tutorial.

The one important thing to note is that you’ll need to change to your actual domain.

Feel free to play around and try different lengths of time.Sometimes in life, you’re going to need a Java Script countdown clock for something other than a doomsday device.Whether you have an event, a sale, a promotion, or a game, you can benefit from building a clock in raw Java Script rather than reaching for the nearest plugin.For example, instead of having the clock show 7 seconds, it would show 07 seconds.One simple way to do this is to add a string of ‘0′ to the beginning of a number and then slice off the last two digits. Note: You may have to click “Rerun” in the Code Pen for the countdown to start.For example, to add a leading zero to the “seconds” value, you’d change this: If you’d like, you can add leading zeros to the minutes and hours as well. See the Pen Styled Java Script Countdown Clock by Site Point (@Site Point) on Code Pen.The following examples demonstrate how to expand the clock for certain use cases.For example, we might have a series of events coming up and don’t want to manually update the clock each time. Hide the clock by setting its array represents a start date and an end date.As noted above, it is possible to include times and time zones, but I used plain dates here to keep the code readable.Yaphi Berhanu is a web developer who loves helping people boost their coding skills. In his completely unbiased opinion, he suggests checking it out.For the best part of this blog, the benchmarks were based on an outdated version 9.2 of Claymore’s miner.


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