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In the "Spiritualist, Psychic, and New Age Family." The "Master" is Jesus, but the perspective of the church is broader than Christianity. Moon in 1954, the Unification Church teaches that the condition brought about by the fall of Adam and Eve can be restored only by a Messiah who must meet a variety of qualifications. He must conquer sin and manifest God's masculine nature.Properly the "Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity," this group is best identified by its founder, Rev. He must marry a woman who will manifest God's feminine nature.The American experience of such perception, however, and its presence in Santa Cruz, can be divided into four headings: 1) classical, dating from 1848 and now found in specifically Spiritualist churches; 2) recent in origin, especially in the environment of the 1960s; 3) strictly Psychic; 4) New Age.As far as I can tell, the first two and the last of these four types have been found in Santa Cruz.Be that as it may, the gives it a place alongside Spiritualism.

Eliza Farnham, intellectual, feminist, and spiritualist, held lecture series on Spiritualism in various halls while she was in Santa Cruz, on and off from 1850 to 1860. Brown took it over in 1886, but later the same year moved it to his office in Santa Cruz, and he closed this, too, it seems, in 1887.Jesus accomplished only half of the task since he never married.Jesus accomplished only the spiritual salvation of humankind. Moon has come to fill the conditions of the Lord of the Second Advent.It specialized in environmental and solar technologies and in consciousness studies.Shortly after 1982 it was located at 13165 Pine St. A copy can be found in the Boulder Creek Public Library.) The brochure states that property in the mountains had been acquired for environmental research, and this presumably is the same 50 acre site on which Hills built the Goddess Temple.Spiritualists met in various places, but in 1892 they were held Sundays AM and Wednesday evenings in Buelah (sic) Hall. Founded in Fresno in the 1940s by Leona Richards, who claimed that there was "scientific proof of Biblical claims," this foundation moved its headquarters to Santa Cruz in the 60s. 7, 1973 and July 26, 1984) Curiously, in Polk 1974 through 1977 this Palomar Inn site is listed as Chapel of Holy Grace.For a number of years the foundation maintained a library in Hackley Hall, 513 Center St.Dianetics as revised by its relation to Scientology forms the basis for the Narconon drug treatment program, the entry for which is found below.An extensive and dispassionate treatment of the founding and early years of Dianetics and Scientology is that of Roy Wallis, of July 26, 1984, the Dianetics-based treatment program of Narconon was active at that time in Watsonville.The element common to Spiritualists, Psychics, and New Agers is belief in the ability to open our consciousness and allow us to perceive spirits, spiritual forces, and even cosmic forces.Perception of this kind has a long history, and some degree of it is found in the mysticism of many religions.


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