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Ben mendelsohn dating emily barclay

(“Payback”)Outstanding Writing – Comedy Series: Luke Del Tredici (“Lockdown”) The Comeback:2-1: “Valerie Makes a Pilot” B 2-2: “Valerie Tries to Get Yesterday Back” C2-3: “Valerie is Brought to Her Knees” B2-4: “Valerie Saves the Show” B 2-5: “Valerie is Taken Seriously” B2-6: “Valerie Cooks in the Desert” A-2-7: “Valerie Faces the Critics” A-2-8: “Valerie Gets What She Really Wants” B : Lisa Kudrow Outstanding Comedy Series: (“Valerie Makes a Pilot”, “Valerie is Brought to Her Knees”, “Valerie Saves the Show”, “Valerie Cooks in the Desert”, “Valerie Faces the Critics”, “Valerie Gets What She Really Wants”)Outstanding Actress – Comedy Series: Lisa Kudrow (“Valerie Cooks in the Desert”)Outstanding Guest Actor – Comedy Series: Seth Rogen (“Valerie is Brought to Her Knees”)Outstanding Directing – Comedy Series: Michael Patrick King (“Valerie Makes a Pilot”)Outstanding Writing – Comedy Series: Michael Patrick King & Lisa Kudrow (“Valerie Cooks in the Desert”) The Comedians:1-1: “Pilot” B-1-2: “Come to the House” C1-3: “The Red Carpet” C 1-4: “Celebrity Guest” C-1-5: “Go for Gad” B1-6: “Orange is the New Guy” C-1-7: “Billy’s Birthday” B-1-8: “Charity” C1-9: “Damage Control” C 1-10: “Misdirected” C1-11: “Red, White and Working Blue”1-12: “Overhear”1-13: “Partners” : Outstanding Actor – Comedy Series: Billy Crystal (“Billy’s Birthday”)Outstanding Sup.

Actor – Comedy Series: Josh Gad (“Go for Gad”)Outstanding Guest Actor – Comedy Series: Mel Brooks (“Celebrity Guest”)Outstanding Writing – Comedy Series: Ben Wexler, Matt Nix, Larry Charles & Billy Crystal (“Pilot”)Downton Abbey:5-1: “Episode One” B-5-2: “Episode Two” C-5-3: “Episode Three” C 5-4: “Episode Four” B-5-5: “Episode Five” C 5-6: “Episode Six” B-5-7: “Episode Seven” C 5-8: “Episode Eight” B-5-9: “A Moorland Holiday” B : Maggie Smith Outstanding Drama Series: (“Episode One”, “Episode Three”, “Episode Four”, “Episode Six”, “Episode Eight”, “A Moorland Holiday”)Outstanding Actor – Drama Series: Hugh Bonneville (“Episode One”)Outstanding Actress – Drama: Michelle Dockery (“Episode Eight”)Outstanding Sup.

- D The Trap- B Grodd Lives- B-Rogue Air- B- Game of Thrones: The Wars to Come- C The House of Black and White- B-High Sparrow- A-Sons of the Harpy- C Kill the Boy- CUnbowed, Unbent, Unbroken- B House of Cards: Chapter 27- BChapter 28- BChapter 29- C Chapter 30- C Chapter 31- C Chapter 32- BChapter 33- C Chapter 34- C Chapter 35- C Chapter 36- C Chapter 37- BChapter 38- B-Chapter 39- B- Season Grade- C MVP- Robin Wright Possible nominations: Drama Series- A (Chapter 27; Chapter 28), B (Chapter 32; Chapter 37), C (Chapter 38, Chapter 39)Actor- Kevin Spacey (Chapter 28)Actress- Robin Wright (Chapter 32)Supporting Actor- Michael Kelly (Chapter 27)Directing- Chapter 28Directing- Chapter 37Writing- Chapter 27Writing- Chapter 28Writing- Chapter 32Guest Actor- Lars Mikkelsen (Chapter 29)Guest Actress- Rachel Brosnahan (Chapter 39) The Last Man on Earth: Alive in Tucson- BThe Elephant in the Room- C Raisinballs and Wedding Bells- C Sweet Melissa- C Louie: Potluck- B-A La Carte- BCop Story- A Bobby’s House- BUntitled- ASleepover- A Orange is the New Black: Thirsty Bird- A Looks Blue, Tastes Red- B Hugs Can Be Deceiving- B A Whole Other Hole- B Low Self Esteem City- BYou Also Have a Pizza- BComic Sans- B Appropriatly Sized Pots- B 40 OZ of Furlough- B Little Mustachioed Shit- BTake a Break from Your Values- BIt Was the Change- BWe Have Manners. Actress – Drama Series: Linda Cardellini (“Part 3”)Outstanding Sup.

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– a.m.”)Outstanding Writing – Miniseries/TV Movie: Evan Katz & Manny Coto (“Day 9: a.m. ” A-10-17: “American Fung” C-10-18: “Seizures Suit Stanny” B- : Seth Mac Farlane Outstanding Animated Program (“Holy Shit, Jeff’s Back! “The Oeder Games” – B Season Grade: B Season MVP: Eugene Mirman Animated Program: “Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl”Voiceover Performance: H.

”)Outstanding Writing – Comedy Series: Brian Boyle (“Big Stan on Campus”) American Horror Story: Freak House4-1: “Monsters Among Us” B 4-2: “Massacres and Matinees” B4-3: “Edward Mondrake: Part 1” C 4-4: “Edward Mondrake: Part 2” B4-5: “Pink Cupcakes” C4-6: “Bullseye” B4-7: “Test of Strength” C-4-8: “Blood Bath” B-4-9: “Tupperware Party Massacre” C-4-10: “Orphans” B 4-11: “Magical Thinking” D4-12: “Show Stoppers” C-4-13: “Curtain Call” B- : Jessica Lange Outstanding Miniseries Outstanding Lead Actress – Miniseries/TV Movie: Jessica Lange Outstanding Lead Actress – Miniserires/TV Movie: Sarah Paulson Outstanding Sup.

”)Outstanding Voice-Over Performance: Scott Grimes (“LGBSteve”)Outstanding Voice-Over Performance: Kim Kardashian (“Blagsnarst: A Love Story”)Outstanding Voice-Over Performance: Seth Mac Farlane (“Roger Passes the Bar”)Outstanding Voice-Over Performance: Wendy Schaal (“Morning Mimosa”)Outstanding Voice-Over Performance: Uma Thurman (“Now and Gwen”)Outstanding Directing – Comedy Series: Tim Parsons & Jennifer Graves (“Holy Shit, Jeff’s Back! “Bo Jack Horseman: the Bo Jack Horseman Story, Chapter One” – C02.

Actor – Drama Series: Brent Dalton (“A Fractured House”)Outstanding Sup.

S.: Part Two” B : Clark Gregg Outstanding Drama Series: (“Making Friends and Influencing People”, “A Fractured House”, “What They Become”, “One Door Closes”, “Scars”, “S. S.: Part Two”)Outstanding Actor – Drama Series: Clark Gregg (“A Fractured House”)Outstanding Actress – Drama Series: Ming-Na Wen (“Face My Enemy”)Outstanding Sup.


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